How to Change Your Oven Element

If you want your food to be fully cooked (and who doesn't want their food to be fully cooked?), then you'll need a working oven element. The oven element is a crucial part of your oven as it is the part that is responsible for heating up your oven cavity.  Unfortunately, problems with elements often occur, and this means that you'll need to change your oven element. Like a lightbulb, a burnt out oven element cannot be repaired, the best course of action is to find a suitable replacement part and swap it with the damaged element. 


oven elements

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How to tell if your oven element is broken

  • Often you can see an oven element is damaged by a visible split or a bulge. This is where the fuse has tripped or blown.
  • Sometimes you will notice sparks or an electrical flash from the element.
  • Sometimes there is no physical evidence that the element is broken, but your oven will always fail to heat up, so if this is the case it's possible that the oven element is responsible. 


How to change your oven element 

  1. First, you'll need to find a suitable replacement part. By searching for the manufacturer and model of your oven, we will supply a list of oven elements that are compatible with your oven model. Once the correct part has arrived you are ready to start replacing your broken part! 
  2. As you start replacing your oven element the first thing you'll need to do is turn off your oven at the wall - its all very well having the right part until you accidentally electrocute yourself, so make sure it's off!
  3. Next, its time to remove the panel that protects the element. This should be at the back of your oven held in place by four screws.  
  4. Once you can see your oven element you should see that it is held in place by 3 screws. Remove these screws, this will leave the element left connected to the oven only by wires.
  5. IMPORTANT: Make note of where these wires are connected (or take a photo), you'll have to connect them in the same way to the new element. Remove the broken element.
  6. Connect your new element to the correct wires, put it back in place. Replace the screws and reattach the front panel.

There you have it! As easy as that you have just changed your oven element to one that actually works. Congratulations!

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