How to Fix Your Oven Door

So you're wondering how to fix your oven door? It's a pain isn't it, one second you're attempting to cook a delicious home cooked meal (yes, that includes chips and fish fingers if the feeling so takes you), the next your oven door is playing up and preventing you from cooking - who knew it only took an oven door to keep a man or woman apart from their cooked fish fingers. Well, we are here to help against this injustice.

If you're having a problem with your oven door we've created this quick guide to help you fix it. So depending on what is actually wrong with your oven door, we hope we can help. Let's get into it: 

How to fix my oven's shattered glass:

Annoying and unsightly, shattered oven glass not only allows heat to escape, it can be dangerous too! If the shattered glass does smash then it can leave your kitchen covered with hundreds of glass shards all over the floor. Don't put off finding a replacement - we have plenty of replacements for your oven door glass so browse our collection here. To find out how to fix your oven door yourself and replace the glass you can find our full instructions here

How to fix my oven door's catch:

If your oven door isn't closing like it used to it can be incredibly frustrating. It may hang slightly off the hinge or fail to close which will allow heat to escape which once again keeps you away from your cooked food! Luckily, as with most cooker parts, we have some spares... to see our full range of oven door catch replacements click here. To see the full guide on how to replace your door's catch click here

How to fix my oven door handle:

Okay so this one isn't rocket science, but it is a problem none of us really expect to have. Unfortunately (and inevitably) closing your door with too much force or even just basic overuse can cause your oven door handle to become loose and faulty. We have a huge range of oven door handles so that you can fix this unexpected problem in no time! See our full range here

How to fix my oven door seal:

Another oven door afterthought, oven door seals coming loose often just seems like a bit of an inconvenience, but if your finding that your oven doesn't seem to stay warm and you cant work out why, it may actually be this pesky bit of rubber! It keeps heat from escaping from the edges of your oven door, so it'll be time to get a replacement. To find the right replacement for the job from our range, browse here.  


If you're still wondering how to fix your oven door or have any other questions about our products please feel free to get in touch. Our cooker experts are more than happy to help you whatever your query, so contact us today