(Replacement oven doors)

For whatever reason, you've found yourself with a doorless oven, which simply won't do. Whether your oven door has just come loose, or you've purchased a brand new oven door replacement from us, you've got a bit stumped about how to actually reattach said door to said oven.

What a dilemma. 

Luckily, not only are we here to provide with high-quality genuine and alternative cooker spares, we are also here to give you any oven-related advice you may need! So if you're wondering how to put your oven door back on then you've come to the right place!

How to put your oven door back on:

  1. Firstly, it's a good idea just to take a good old look at the door and hinges set up, this will give you a much better idea of how it fits together. The process for reattaching oven doors will be very similar between models, but still best to see what you're dealing with.
  2. In most cases, you will need to hold the door at either side at an angle towards the hinges. Then carefully lower it onto the hinges.
  3.  Once the door has it's hinges in place you can lower the oven door to horizontal level. Make sure you do this carefully!
  4. The oven will have some kind of locking mechanism, so you can secure it either with your hands by clipping it into place or replacing the screws.
  5. Lastly just test your oven door is correctly attached by opening and closing it to be sure it's working correctly. 


There a few things that can go wrong with your oven, so if you're having any other issues with this part of your appliance you can read our helpful troubleshooting guide here


If you're having any problems with how to put your oven door back on don't hesitate to ask to ask our friendly team. For that, or any advice about any of our products, feel free to get in touch and contact us today