Oven Controls

No one likes being out of control, and that's exactly why we have a whole plethora of spare oven controls ready for when you need a replacement! We have a huge selection of oven controls to you help you find the right replacement. To see our full list of our spare cooker parts you can see them here. But if you want to gain back control, browse our types of oven controls below:


Oven Control Knobs 

Broken oven control knobs can be increasingly frustrating the longer you leave them, it really leaves you without an easy way to control your oven. Control knobs are one of our most popular cooker spares as they are very fragile, easy to snap off and can even melt. To find the right oven control knob that suits your cooker see our full range here.

Cooker Control Panels

If your oven control panel is looking a bit worse for wear it may be time to replace the panel. Our oven fascias can help transform the look of your oven - you may be surprised how shabby a heavily marked or damaged one can look. Our spare oven control panels can all be found by clicking here. 

Oven Timers & Oven Clocks

You may not realise how much you use your oven timer until it's broken (unless you have one of those cookers that doesn't work if the timer doesn't, annoying eh?) but it can be a real annoyance. If your oven timer or clock isn't working we can help you find the right replacement as soon as possible. To see our full range or oven timers and oven clocks, click here

Instruction & handbooks

Or perhaps you aren't sure how to control your oven at all anymore, in which case maybe you need to have another look at your instruction manual. But then, we understand how easily these can be misplaced which is why we make it our business to have a huge selection in stock so that you can gain control back over your oven. See our range of instruction handbooks here


If you have any questions about any of our spare oven controls we are more than happy to help you find the right replacement for your cooker. If you can't find the part you need for your make or model of cooker, contact us today.