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New World 3 Sided Oven Door Seal (Genuine New World Part)

Stock Code: GDS 2606
Genuine / Alternative: Genuine Part
Please note: This product has been discontinued and is no longer available
New World
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This 3 sided oven door seal is an authentic New World spare, manufactured specifically for New World appliances. A good seal is an important part of any oven; it prevents heat from escaping, ensuring that your food is cooked as efficiently as possible. If your oven's existing door seal is broken, it's neither expensive nor difficult to fix it and make your New World oven that little bit more energy-efficient.

Before purchasing this product, please perform the following checks:

  • Ensure that your current seal is 3 sided (as opposed to 4 sided - more information here)
  • Find your cooker's model number and specify this number while searching to ensure that this seal is suitable for your appliance

The oven door seal comes with integrated clips for easy installation - simply unclip your existing seal and replace it with this one! Since this is a genuine New World part, you can rest assured that you are getting outstanding quality for your money; if you have any further questions about this 3 sided oven door seal, feel free to call 02920 451 222.

  • 3 sided door seal (with integrated clips)
  • Genuine spare part from New World
  • Specify your model number to ensure that this part is suitable for your New World oven
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