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Belling, New World & Stoves Genuine Door Seal

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Seals act as useful insulators to prevent heat from escaping around the margins of oven doors and filling your kitchen and parlour. These parts ensure that your lodgings are a cosy but not cloying space to occupy and ensure that you and your housemates are safe.

When the seal is not properly attached or has been shredded or taken damaged, then you’ll have to replace it as soon as you can. We have an epic collection of original oven door seals and other Belling cooker spares to choose from.

Our friendly and helpful sales team can help you know the exact spare part to purchase, or you could look throughout our website. Make sure that you double-check the serial and model numbers of your oven first, as, frequently, spares look practically identical but will not fit properly on an inappropriate oven or cooker model.

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