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Creda & Hotpoint Genuine Main Oven Thermostat

Stock Code: TP023075
Genuine / Alternative: Genuine Part
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Has the temperature of your oven been inaccurate lately? If the answer was yes - then it is likely that your oven's thermostat is faulty. Your thermostat is responsible for regulating your cooker's temperature and ensuring that it heats up to the set temperature. If your main oven thermostat is faulty, there's no reason to worry - we can help!

To check if your cooker is compatible with this high quality spare part, simply return to our homepage and enter both the manufacturer and model number of your cooker in to the search filters near the top of that page.

Compatible Models


48175, 48176, 48177, 48178, 48434, 48435, 48436, 48437, 48438, 48439, 48444, 48445, 48446, 48447, 49106, 49107, 49108, 49109, 49113, 49113 MK2, 49113MK2, 49113N, 49114, 49115, 49116, 49117, 49118, 49119, 49120, 49121, 49123, 49124, 49125, 49125T, 49126, 49127, 49128, 49129, 49130, 49131, 49132, 49134, 49135, 49136, 49137, 49138, 49140, 49144, 49145, 49321, 49322, 49805, 49806, 6570, 6570P, 6570PMK2, 6571, 6571P, 6580, 6580P, EE50, EE50DC, EE50HB, EE50SC, EG20P, EG21, EG21C, EG21CMK2, EG21E, EG21EMK2, EG21L, EG21LMK2, EG22N, EG5C, EG95C, EG95L, ET51, ETCW51, ETW51, EW10P, EW11, EW11E, EW11L, EW11P, EW20, EW20C, EW20P, EW21, EW21C, EW21E, EW21L, EW21P, EW31, EW31G, EW31N, EW31P, EW41, EW41B, EW41C, EW41G, EW41GS, EW41L, EW41N, EW41NS, EW41P, X152EE, X152EG, X152EI, X152EW, X155EK, X155ES, X155EW


6570P, 6570P MK2, 6571P, 6580P, 6580P MK11, EG20P, EG21C, EG21C MK2, EG21E, EG21E MK2, EG21L, EG21L MK2, EG22N, EG95C, EG95L, EW10P, EW11E, EW11L, EW11P, EW20C, EW20P, EW21C, EW21E, EW21L, EW21P, EW31G, EW31N, EW31P, EW41B, EW41C, EW41G, EW41GS, EW41L, EW41N, EW41NS, EW41P

  • Genuine Spare Part
  • Also compatible with certain Creda, English Electric, Hotpoint, Jackson and Wrighton cookers
  • Replacement oven thermostat
  • Suitable for your main oven
  • Please check the model details of your appliance before purchasing this part
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