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EGO Single Pole Thermostat

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This EGO 55.13069.500 thermostat comes with a single pole sensor that measures 3.1mm x 160mm and a 50°C to 320°C temperature range. Compatible with a vast range of brands and models, this universal thermostat will get your cooker or oven up and running again.

An important part of regulating temperature, the thermostat ensures oven temperatures remain constant. If your oven has is unable to adjust temperature or the indicator light remains on constantly, you may have a faulty thermostat.

Please note: if you're not sure this is the correct part for your appliance, contact our sales team on 02920 452 510.

Compatible Models

This 55.13069.500 EGO thermostat can fit a wide variety of cooker and oven models including AEG, Amica, Zanussi, Gorenje and Neff.


30480B-D GB, 30480B-W GB, 30580B-D GB, 30580B-W GB, 30581B-D, 30581B-D GB, 30581B-W, 30581B-W GB, 3180V-W GB, 318V-W GB, 3200F-D GB, 3200F-W GB, 3201F-D, 3201F-RG, 3201F-W, 32080B-D GB, 32080B-W GB, 32081B-D, 32081B-M, 32081B-RG, 32081B-W, 320F-D GB, 320F-W GB, B 60 1 LFV VARIO, B 60 1 LV VARIO, B 60 L D, B 60 L S, B 60 L VARIO, B 60 L W, B 88 1 LFV VARIO, B 88 L D, B 88 L S, B 88 L W, B600 DG-SB, B600 DG-W, B600DG-M, B600DG-SB, B600DG-W, B60L-VARIO, B60L-Vario, BP 88 1 LFV VARIO, BW600 DG-SB, BW600DG-M, BW600DG-SB, BW600DG-W, BW60KT, CARAT 542, CARAT 640, CARAT 642, COMP. 30480B-D GB, COMP. 30480B-W GB, COMP. 30580B-D GB, COMP. 30580B-W GB, COMP. 30581B-D GB, COMP. 30581B-W GB, COMP. 3180V-W GB, COMP. 3200F-D GB, COMP. 3200F-W GB, COMP. 32080B-D GB, COMP. 32080B-W GB, COMP. 320F-D GB, COMP. 320F-W GB, COMP.30480B-DGB, COMP.30480B-WGB, COMP.30580B-DGB, COMP.30580B-WGB, COMP.30581B-DGB, COMP.30581B-WGB, COMP.3180V-WGB, COMP.3200F-DGB, COMP.3200F-WGB, COMP.32080B-DGB, COMP.32080B-WGB, COMP.320F-DGB, COMP.320F-WGB, COMPETENCE 320F-D GB, COMPETENCE 320F-W GB, COMPETENCE320F-D and COMPETENCE320F-W.




Z635M, ZC604VW1, ZK54C, ZK59, ZL54B, ZL54C, ZL55 and ZL65.


EHE64W, EHE64B, EH523, EH513, EH533, KS555, BEH400, EHC400, EHE62S1, EHE62B1, EHE62W1, GEH533, GEHC533 and E140W.


103111SB, 1037111LCDM, 1055, 1057211LCDM, 10710110, 10710310, 10710315, 107141PSB, 107141SB, 107141SBB, 107141SX, 107142PSB, 107142SB, 107143BB, 107143PBB, 107144BB, 107144DBGT, 107721LD7, 107723LCDM7, 107723LCSM7, 107841PWS7, 107841SX, 107841WS7, 107846PCF, 107846PWS, 107846PWSX, 107847PCF, 107847PCFG, 1155V1, 134413LPCS, 134423LPCS, 1355, B107141PSB, B107141SB, B107142PSB, B107142SB, BJOKER110C, BJOKER115C, BJOKER120C, BJOKER125C, JOKER110C, JOKER111C, JOKER115C, JOKER115CAVANTGARDE, JOKER119, JOKER120C, JOKER120CE, JOKER120V2, JOKER120V3, JOKER121C, JOKER125C, JOKER125CAVANTGARDE, JOKER125CE, JOKER125V2, JOKER125V3, JOKER126C, JOKER127V1, JOKER129, JOKER130DCLOU, JOKER131DCLOU, JOKER135DCLOU, JOKER139CLOU, JOKER459, JOKER459, NOSTALGIA BLACK, NOSTALGIA WHITE, PRIMUS1055, PRIMUS1155V1 and PRIMUS955.

  • High-quality replacement
  • Compatible with certain Indesit cookers
  • Thermostat
  • Please check the model number of your appliance carefully before purchasing


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