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Faber EFF72 Cooker Hood Charcoal Carbon Filter

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The Faber EFF72 9029793636 genuine cooker hood charcoal carbon filter measures 264mm x 235mm x 16mm. Replacing your cooker hood carbon filter is important to keep it working in top condition for longer. Ideally, you should replace your carbon filter every 3 to 12 months depending on frequency of use.

Please note: If you're not sure if this charcoal carbon filter will fit your cooker hood, please contact our sales team on 02920 452 510. Remember to check if this part fits your model against your manufacturer and model number.

Compatible Models

The Faber EFF72 9029793636 can fit a range of models and brands. This includes the following:


Toledo 110 and Toledo 90


CH950X, EFA9620X, EFB90566OX, EFC6510X/CH, CHI950X, EFB12680BX, EFB90570DX, EFC6536U, EFA12540X, EFB60550BX, EFB90680BX, EFC6536U/S, EFA12545X, EFB60550DX, EFC1060X, EFC6536X, EFA90245X, EFB60570DX, EFC1540X, EFC6536X/S, EFA90531X, EFB60680BX, EFC60246X, EFC6540U, EFA90540X, EFB70550BX, EFC60420X, EFC6540X, EFA90950X, EFB70566OX, EFC60640X, EFC6540X/GB, EFA9150X, EFB90550BX, EFC6064X, EFC6620X, EFA9480X, EFB90550DX, EFC6422X, EFC70710X, EFC70720X, EFC90542X, EFC9506X/S, EFC9536U/S, EFC7540X, EFC90620X, EFC9510X/CH, EFC9536X, EFC7540X/GB, EFC90640X, EFC9515/S, EFC9536X/S, EFC90245X, EFC90950X, EFC9515K/S, EFC9540U, EFC90246X, EFC9140X, EFC9515X/S, EFC9540X, EFC90247X, EFC9360X, EFC9516X/S, EFC9540X/GB, EFC90345X, EFC9422X, EFC9520X/CH, EFC9541X, EFC90420X, EFC9500X/T, EFC9526X/S, EFC9542U, EFC90445X, EFC9506U, EFC9530X, EFC9542X, EFC90531X, EFC9506U/S, EFC9536U, EFC9542X/A, EFC9543U, EFC9620X, EFCR953U, EFL90566OX, EFC9543X and EFC9630X.


AIH9800BM, DD6690-M, DL8560-M, X89463MD01, AWH6420BM, DD8694-M, DL8590-M, X91384MD01, AWH6500GM, DD9691-M, X56143MD0, X91384MI0, AWH9420BM, DI7490-M, X59143MD0, X91384MI01, AWH9470BM, DI9611-M, X66453MD0, X92384MI0, AWH9500GM, DI9966-M, X67453MD0, X92384MI01, DD6390-M, DI9993-M, X69453MD0, X99384MD0, DD6460-M, DK6390-M, X79263MD0, X99384MD01, DD6490-M, DK6393-M, X79263MV0, DD6660-M, DL8510-M, X89384MD01 and X91384MI01.


EFC9550U/A, ZHC64X, ZHC931X, ZHC950A/S, NH9015X, ZHC66540XA, ZHC9354X, ZHC950ALU, ZCH74X, ZHC74X, ZHC935X, ZHC950ALU/GB, ZHC1000X, ZHC919X3, ZHC935X/UK, ZHC950X, ZHC4284X, ZHC9239X, ZHC941ALU, ZHC951ALU, ZHC590X/GB, ZHC926X, ZHC941X, ZHC951X, ZHC6239X, ZHC927X, ZHC945X/GB, ZHC951X/GB, ZHC631AL, ZHC928X, ZHC94ALU, ZHC960A/GB, ZHC631X, ZHC929X, ZHC94X, ZHC960ALU, ZHC64ALU, ZHC930X, ZHC950A/GB, ZHC96540XA, ZHC96X and ZHC9744X.


K90X, K90X-2, K90XE, KEIV90E, KFV62DBE, KFV62DNE, KFV92DNE, KFV92E, KI120X, KI120X-1, KI120X-2, KI120XE, KI90C-1, KI90C-2, KI90CE, KI90X-2, KI90XE, KIV90XE, KL175XE, KS60XE, KS90AE, KS90XE, KS912BXE, KS912NXE, KS912XE, KS951XE, KSE90A3, KSE90X, KSE912X, KSE912X2, KSE912X3, KSE91CX2, KSE920XE, KSE951X, KSE951X2, KSE951X3, KSED92NXE, KSEG54X, KSEG54X-1, KSEG54XE, KSEG77X, KSEG77X-1, KSEG77XE, KSP90HXE, KV90XE, KSE90X1, KSE60X1, KSE90X2, KSE90X3, KSE60X2, KSE60X3, KSE90A1, KSE90A2, KSE90A3, KSE912X, KSE951X, KSEIV97X, KSEV97X, KIV90X, KI90C1, KI90C, KV90X and KSEV97X.

  • Genuine spare part
  • Compatible with certain cookers
  • Dimensions = 264mm x 235mm x 16mm
  • Faber EFF72
  • Sutable for the following brands: Aeg, Electrolux, John Leiws, Rangemaster, Smeg & Zanussi

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Helen, Newcastle
Great service filter arrived very quickly after ordering.
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