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Hotpoint & Indesit Genuine Small Hob Burner Cap

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Genuine / Alternative: Genuine Part
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Corrosion is the main problem affecting burner caps - but thankfully here at Cooker Spare Parts, we stock a great range of burner caps, and this Auxiliary Burner Cap is perfect if your burner cap has completely corroded. This small burner cap has a diameter of 55mm, and fits on to your auxiliary burner with ease.

Compatible Models


C659P(X)UK, D320M(IX), PC640(AN)GB, PC640(BK)GB, PC640(BR)GB, PC640(GN)GB, PC640(SS)GB, PC640(WH)GB, PF750AST(IX), PH640MST(BK), PH640MST(OW), PH640MST(SS), PH640MST(WH), PH941MSTB, PH941MSTV, PH960MST, TD640MS(BK), TD640MS(ICE), TD640MS(MR), TD640MS(WH), TD740MST(BK), TD740MST(WH), TD740MSTICE, TO740AS(ALU), TO740AS(IX), XP90G


10500G MK3, 10501G MK3, 10505G MK3, 10506G MK3, 10508G MK2


S830GB, S830GK, S830GW, S830GX, S840GK, S840GW, S840GX, S860GX


G320X, G640B, G640K, G640N, G640SB, G640SK , G640SW, G640SX, G640T, G640W, G640X, GB640.1RX, GB750X, GC640BK, GC640IX, GC640TIX, GC640WH, GC750TIX, GC750TX, GC750X, GC760FX, GD64I, GD64K, GD64SK, GD64W, GD74C, GD74I, GD74K, GDB640SK, GE640TX, GE640X, GE640X., GE740TCX, GE75DX, GF640K, GF640K., GF640N, GF640T, GF640TX, GF640W, GF640W., GF640X, GF640X., GF740X, GF750TX, GF750TX., GQ64SI, GQ64ST, GQ74SI, GQ74ST, KD6G25X, X153GSH MK2, X153GWH MK2, X156GWH MK2


DD60G2CGKUK, DD60G2CGWUK, ID60G1(W), ID60G2(X), ID60G2A, ID60G2KUK, ID60G2NUK, ID60G2RUK, ID60G2W, IP640S(IX)UK, IP640SWHUK, IPG640S(GR), IPG640SBKGB, IPG640STD, IPG640SWH, IPG751S(BK), IPG751S(GR), IPG751SBKGB, IPG751SWH, IS60D1X, IS60D1XXS, IS60G1W, K340GW/G, K341GW/G, K342EX/G, K342GX/G, K344E.CX/G, K344EX/G, K344GX/G, K34GW/G, K642G(W)/G, K642GS(X)/G, K642RGS(X)/G, K642RVS(X)/G, K642V(G)/G, K642VS(X)/G, K6432GX, K643G(X)/G, K645GW/G, K645GX/G, K645RGX/G, K645RV.CX/G, K645RVG/G, K645RVX/G, K645V.CX/G, K645VX/G, K647GS(X)/G, K6G21(W)/G, K6G21(X)/G, K6G210(W)/G, K6G210(X)/G, K6G210S(W)/G, K6G210S(X)/G, K6G32(W)/G, K6G32(X)/G, K6G52(W)/G, K6G52(X)/G, K6G520(W)/G, K6G520(X)/G, K6G520S(X)/G, KD6G25A, KD6G25SAIR, KD6G25SWIR, KD6G25SXIR, KD6G25W, KD6G25W MK2, KD6G25X, KDP60SE, KDP60SES, KP9507EB(X)G, KP9507XE/G, P640A(AN), P640A(AN)GB, P640A(BK)GB, P640A(GN)GB, P640A(IX)GB, P640A(WH)GB, P640ASTIX, P640TC(IX)GB, P640TCIXGB.1, P64A(IX)GB, P741AS(IX), P750AS(IX), P750AST(IX), P950AS(IX), PI640AS(IX), PI640AST(IX), PI640TC(IX), PI740AS(IX), PI741AS(IX), PI750AS(IX), PI750AST(IX), RID60G2W

  • Genuine spare part
  • Compatible with certain Indesit, Hotpoint, Ariston, Cannon, and Creda cookers
  • Part type: Gas hob cap
  • Colour: Black
  • Diameter/Width: 55mm
  • Suitable for auxiliary (small) burner
  • Please check the model number of your appliance carefully before purchasing

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Simon, London
Good replacement. Quick delivery. Perfect service.
Mark, Stoke-on-Trent
Excellent service.
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