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Hotpoint, Ariston, New World & Indesit Genuine Oven Function Switch

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Genuine / Alternative: Genuine Part
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Function switches frequently get worn down from regular use or unexpectedly break and need replacing with a new switch. We stock bona fide Hotpoint programme switches as part of our large range of Hotpoint spares. Browse our spare parts and we’ll have your oven up and running like new.

Oven function switches are called for when selecting the right programme on your oven so that you can cook mouth-watering, perfectly cooked meals. We deliver to across the UK and to the Republic of Ireland. We provide next-day delivery in the mainland for many of the spare parts we sell.

Please note: it is important to make sure that your oven setting switch fits to your appliance. You need to carefully check the model and serial number of your appliance prior to buying any spares. If you are not confident about which part you require, please make sure to contact the knowledgeable sales team on 02920 452 510.

Compatible Models


A2011/1BR, A2011/1WH, A2011/2BR, A2011/2GR, A2011/2WH, A2011BR, A2011WH, A2013BR, A2013WH, A2014BR, A2014WH, A2211BR, A2211WH, BL04VE5UK, BL40VE5UK, FV242DBRGB, FV242DWHGB, FV271BKGB, FV271BRGB, FV271GB, FV271GNGB, FV271WHGB, FV34DGB(BK), FV34DGB(GN), FV34DGB(WH), FV37BKGB, FV37BRGB, FV37GNGB, FV37WHGB, FV4UK, I/FV4UK, I/FVE9, I/FVE9(B), IC/FVE7BR, IC/FVE7SC, IC/FVE7SCB, IC/FVE7WH, IC/L04VE7, IC/L04VE7B, IC/L04VE7SC, IC/L04VE7SCB, KL04VE12GB, KL04VESUK, KL40VE12GB, KL40VESUK, SFOA1B, SFOA1W, SFOA2


EW12C, EW12P


FIV1UK, FIV3UK, K3C36(X)/G, K3C8V.A/G, K3C8V.BA/G, K3C8V.BX/G, K3C8VW/G, K3C8VX/G, K600V(W)/G, K601V.CW/G, K601VW/G, K642RVS(X)/G, K642V(G)/G, K642VS(X)/G, K645RV.CX/G, K645RVG/G, K645RVX/G, K645V.CX/G, K645VX/G, K647RV.CX/G, K647RVX/G

New World

CKE13561BR, CKE13562WH


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