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Hotpoint, Cannon & Indesit Genuine Oven Grill Thermocouple

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Genuine / Alternative: Genuine Part
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Your cooker thermocouple is designed to prevent harmful gases being leaked by closing the gas valve on your cooker, which is not only for health and safety, but it will also save you money on gas bills!

This Gas Oven Thermocouple is the perfect thermocouple replacement for your cooker. It is suitable for either your top oven or grill; you simply fit it to the part of your cooker that needs a new thermocouple. So if your cooker is having issues with your thermocouple, you shouldn’t hesitate in replacing your current part with this oven thermocouple. 

Compatible Models


10750G, 10750GF, 10755G, 10755GF, 10756G, 10756GF, C50GCIK, C50GCIK/1, C50GCIS, C50GCIS/1, C50GCIW, C50GCIW/1, C50GCIX/1, C50GCK, C50GCKF, C50GCS, C50GCSF, C50GCW, C50GCWF, C50GCX, C50GCXF, C50GKB, C50GKS, C50GKSF, C50GKW, C50GKWF, C50GKX, C50GKXF, C50GLB, C50GLK, C50GLS, C50GLW, C50GLX, C50LCIK, C50LCIK/1, C50LCIS/1, C50LCIW, C50LCIW/1


50HGP, 51TGW, 52TGW, CH10750GF, CH10755GF , CH10756GF , CH50GCIK, CH50GCIK.0, CH50GCIS, CH50GCIW, DCH50GW, GW38G, GW38K, GW38P, GW38X, HAG51G, HAG51K, HAG51P, HAG51X, HAGL51K, HAGL51P, HAL51P, HARG51K, HARG51P, HUG52G, HUG52K, HUG52P, HUG52X, HW150GW, HW170GIK, HW170GIW, HW170GK, HW170GW, HW170LIK, HW170LIW, KD3G2SL(W)/I


ID50G(W), IT50G1X, IT50G1XX, IT50GA, IT50GM, IT50GW, IT50LW, ITL50G1(XX), ITL50GA, ITL50GKUK, ITL50GM, ITL50GW, KD3G2(A)/G, KD3G2(W)/G, KD3G21(X)/G, KD3G21S(X)/I, KD3G21SL(X)/, KD3G2MG, KD3G2S(A)/IR, KD3G2S(M)/G, KD3G2S(W)/IR, KD3G2SL(A)/I, KD3G2SL(W)/I, RIT50GWUK

  • Genuine spare part
  • Compatible with certain Hotpoint, Cannon, and Indesit cookers
  • Thermocouple
  • Attachment type: circlip, terminal connection, round terminal
  • Cable Length: 1000mm
  • Please check the model number of your appliance carefully before purchasing

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