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Hotpoint, Cannon, Creda & Indesit Genuine Main Oven Thermostat

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Genuine / Alternative: Genuine Part
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This Oven Thermostat is a genuine replacement part and is the perfect alternative part if your oven thermostat isn't performing to its highest capabilities. An oven or cooker thermostat controls the temperature inside the oven cavity by simply switching the power on or off to the element within roughly around +/-10-15% of the set temperature.

If you have any problems finding the model number of your appliance, we suggest you visit our Help Centre, there you'll find plenty of information and guidance to how you can find your number.

Compatible Models


10430G, 10450G, 10450G(T), 10455G(T), 10456G, 10456G(T), 10475G, 10476G, 10582G MK3, 10582GMK3, 10583G MK3, 10583GMK3, 10585G MK3, 10585GMK3, 10588G MK3, 10588GMK3, 10682G, 10685G, 10688G, 10850G, 10855G, 10856G, 20152E, 20155E, 20158E, 20170E, 20175E, 20176E, 20715E, 20718E, 5TCCK, 5TCCW, 6D0CK, 6D0CW, C220EC, C262, C361, C362, C363, C366, C462, EDCS51, EG1000, EG53, EG54, EG72MK3, EG73, EG76X, EW22C, EW23, EW24, EW32, EW34, EW42, EW45SS, EW52, EW63, EW72, EW73, EW76X, EW82, EW83, EW85SS, EW86X, EW92AL, KD641, KD6C0EW, KD6C7EM, KD6C7EW, KD6C8EW, KLD3CEW, KP100CX, SPC60W, SPC61, X153, X156, X253


C262EK, C262ES, C262EW, C361EK, C361EW, C362EK, C362ES, C362EW, C363EX, C366EK, C366ES, C366EW, C462EK, C462ES, C462EW, EDCS51, EDCW51, SPC60W, X153EK, X153ES, X153EW, X156EK, X156ES, X156EW, X253EK, X253ES, X253EW


5TCCK, 5TCCW, 6D0CK, 6D0CW, 6DOCK, 6DOCW, C220EC, C220ECH, C220EW, C220EWH, C262, C262EKH, C262ESH, C262EWH, C361, C361EWH, C362, C362EKH, C362ESH, C362EWH, C363, C363EXH, C366, C366EKH, C366ESH, C366EWH, C462, EDCS51, EDCS51H, EDCW51H, EG1000, EG1000EX, EG1000EX(T), EG1000GX, EG1000GX(T), EG53, EG53N, EG53P, EG53S, EG54, EG54G, EG54P, EG54T, EG72MK3, EG72N MK3, EG72P MK3, EG72S MK3, EG73, EG73G, EG73K, EG73P, EG73T, EG76X, EW22C, EW22P, EW23, EW23ECH, EW23EWH, EW24, EW24ECH, EW24EWH, EW32, EW32N, EW32P, EW32S, EW34, EW34N, EW34P, EW34S, EW42, EW42G, EW42N, EW42P, EW42S, EW42T, EW45SS, EW52, EW52G, EW52N, EW52P, EW52S, EW52T



  • Genuine spare part
  • Compatible with certain Belling, Cannon, Creda, Hotpoint, and Indesit cookers
  • Thermostat
  • 6 terminals
  • Single/Twin regulator
  • Please check the model number of your appliance carefully before purchasing

Customer Reviews

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Steve Scearce, Southampton
Great but unable to fit it as I was unable to get top of cooker off needed to disconnect the gas to pull cooker out.
William Hall, Hertfordshire
Fan Motor sent instead of thermostat, was corrected within 24 hours, but trip to Post Office to return fan motor. Thermostat genuine part from Diamond H supplied at competitive price.
Lawrence howarth, Insch, Aberdeenshire ,Scotland
First Thermostat that I received was faulty second one worked fine. No Quibble about a refund. Very Satisfied.
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