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Hotpoint, Creda & Cannon Genuine Auxiliary Burner Bowl

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Genuine / Alternative: Genuine Part
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A required element of all gas hobs are the burner bowls that lie underneath your tagines and pans, channelling and directing the flame into the bottom of them. These parts could become worn out through continual use, which means they will need restoring with a homogeneous part from our warehouse of Hotpoint parts.

If you’re without a burner your cooker won’t work, meaning you wouldn’t be able to perform cooking chores with it – anything from whipping up a decadent sugar cookie hot chocolate to creating a moreish filling bowl of pepper and potato curry.

As a major supplier of original and high-quality universal parts from varied appliance manufacturers, we have a gargantuan catalogue and a lot of different stock stowed in our on-site warehouse. Many of these spares appear almost indistinguishable but won’t fit with the same cookers – so ensure that you confirm before checking out.

Compatible Models


30100G, 30105G


42360, 42361, 42364, 42366, 42368, 42369, 42380, 42384, 42395, D810GD, D810GK, D810GW, E820GD, E820GE, E820GK, E820GW, M150GG, M150GI, M150GK, M150GM, M150GW, M250GG, M250GI, M250GK, M250GM, M250GW, R820GR


BG01B, BG01G, BG01N, BG01P, BG01XD, BG21B, BG21C, BG21E, BG21G, BG21N, BG21P, BG21S, BG25B, BG25N, BG25P, BG25S, BG25YS, BG32B, BG32K, BG32N, BG32P, BG42B, BG42K, BG42N, BG42P, BG42SS

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