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Hotpoint, Creda & Cannon Genuine Auxiliary Burner Ring

Stock Code: GHS 24006
Genuine / Alternative: Genuine Part
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Has part of your burner ring started to corrode after many years of use? If so, this burner ring for hobs is an excellent replacement spare part. You are guaranteed nothing short of the highest quality as this is a genuine part. It is made to fit your Auxiliary burner, which is the smallest burner on your hob, as it only has a diameter of 72mm. Its primary function is to ensure that gas can flow in to the burner.

Compatible Models


30100G, 30105G, 30110G, 30115G


42360, 42361, 42362, 42363, 42364, 42365, 42366, 42367, 42368, 42369, 42370, 42371, 42380, 42381, 42384, 42385, 42395, 42396, D810GD, D810GK, D810GW, D810LD, D810LW, E820GD, E820GE, E820GK, E820GW, E820LD, E820LE, E820LW, M150GG, M150GI, M150GK, M150GM, M150GW, M150LG, M150LW, M250GG, M250GI, M250GK, M250GM, M250GW, M250LG, M250LW, R820GR, R820LR


BG01B, BG01G, BG01N, BG01P, BG01XD, BG02B, BG02P, BG21B, BG21C, BG21E, BG21G, BG21N, BG21P, BG21S, BG22G, BG22N, BG22P, BG22S, BG25B, BG25N, BG25P, BG25S, BG25YS, BG26N, BG26S, BG32B, BG32K, BG32N, BG32P, BG42B, BG42K, BG42N, BG42P, BG42SS

  • Genuine Cannon spare part
  • Auxiliary (small) burner ring, diameter of 72mm
  • Also fits select Creda and Hotpoint cookers
  • Please check your model number before purchasing
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