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Hotpoint, Creda & Indesit Grill Oven Element

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Genuine / Alternative: High Quality Replacement
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Is your Top Oven Element losing its ability to heat up your grill? If so, you you may want to consider replacing it! This grill element is a high-quality replacement part for your cooker - but it will also fit a number of cooker models from Hotpoint, Indesit, Belling, Creda, Jackson and Cannon.

With a power output of 1330W, this top oven element will have your cooker working as well as it did when it was brand-new. The element is only 170mm wide, which means it should only take a couple of minutes for you to fit it into the grill.

Compatible Models


TC712&712/1, TC714&714/1, TC714/2, TC714/D(BK), TC714/D(GN), TC714/D(WH)


10425G, 10450G, 10450G(T), 10455G, 10455G(T), 10456G, 10456G(T), 10850G, 10855G, 10856G


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  • High-quality replacement spare part
  • Also compatible with certain Belling, Creda, Hotpoint, Indesit, Jackson, and Cannon cookers
  • Grill element
  • 1330W output
  • Length: 375mm/14.76" (to end of terminals)
  • Width: 165mm/6.5"
  • Terminals: 40mm/1.57" (from centre to centre)
  • 2 terminals
  • 2 fixing
  • Please check the model number of your appliance carefully before purchasing

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Daz Taylor , Manchester
Quality item. Easy to fit and really speedy delivery despite Royal Mail strikes
Steven rice, Nailsworth
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