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Hotpoint, Creda & Jackson Genuine Top Oven Thermostat

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Genuine / Alternative: Genuine Part
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Your cooker's thermostat is responsible for adjusting the temperature of your cooker to what you have set it to. So if your cooker isn't reaching the temperature it should be, you should replace it as soon as possible.

This oven thermostat is a genuine spare part for your top oven and will have your appliance working like its old self again in no time at all.

Compatible Models


48141, 481410000L, 48142, 481420000C, 48143, 481430000L, 48145, 481450000L, 48146, 481460000C, 48147, 481470000L, 48148, 48149, 48150, 48160, 48161, 48162, 48163, 48164, 48167, 48167T, 48168, 48168T, 48169, 48171, 48172, 48175, 48176, 48179, 48180, 48181, 48182, 48189, 48190, 48195, 48196, 48197, CB43EW, E420ED, E420EE, E420EK, E420EW, E430ED, E430EE, E430EK, E430EW, E530ED, E530EE, E530EK, E530EW, M250EKS, M250EMS, M250EWS, M350EGS, M350EIS, M350EKS, M350EMS, M350EWS, N230ED, N230EK, N230EW, R420ER, R430ER, R530ER


28141, 48140, 48141, 48145, 48147, 48150, 6133, 6133B, 6133P, 6162, 6162B, 6162P, 6163, 6163B, 6163P, 6166B, 6166P, 6172, 6172B, 6172P, 6173, 6173B, 6173P, 6183, 6183B, 6183P, BD31, BD31B, BD31GMK2, BD31NMK2, BD31P, BD31PMK2, BD32B, BD32K, BD32N, BD32P, BD35AL, BD42SS, BD51, BD51D, BD51G, BD51N, BD51X, BD52B, BD52K, BD52K MK2(T), BD52N, BD52P, BD52S, BD62SS, BD81, BD81B, BD81G, BD81N, BD81P, BD81S, BD81YS, BU61, BU61B, BU61P, BU62B, BU62G, BU62N, BU62P, BU62S, BU62X, BU62YS, BU65AL, BU71B, BU71K, BU71N, BU71P, BU72B, BU72K, BU72N, BU72P, BU72S, BU82SS, EW41GS, EW41NS, EW41PS


28141, 281410000L, 28143, 281430000L, 28145, 281450000L, 28147, 281470000L

  • Genuine spare part
  • Compatible with certain Creda, Hotpoint, Jackson, and Wrighton cookers
  • Thermostat
  • 3 terminals
  • Please check the model number of your appliance carefully before purchasing
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