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Hotpoint, Creda, Indesit & Cannon Genuine Door Handle Spacer

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Genuine / Alternative: Genuine Part
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The Hotpoint genuine C00235533 door handle spacer will guarantee that you have stress-free access to your appliance every time.

A defective door handle spacer can lead to being unable to use your appliance. That’s why here at Cooker Spare Parts we offer a range of spare parts to certify that your cooker is kept as good as new.

Please note: we advise you to check this part is correct with your appliance model number by means of the search box above. If you're still not sure this is the correct part, please contact our sales team on 02920 452 510.

Compatible Models

The genuine C00235533 door handle spacer is only compatible with certain Hotpoint, Creda, Indesit and Cannon models. Please make sure to use the search bar located above in order to ensure that this is the correct part for your appliance.


10101G, 10102G, 10106G, 10107G, 10108G, 10109G, 10171G, 10172G, 10176G, 10177G, 10192G, 10300G, 10300G MK3, 10301G, 10305G, 10305G MK3, 10306G, 10308G, 10308G MK3, 10309G, 10370G, 10370G MK4, 10371G, 10371G MK4, 10375G, 10375G MK4, 10376G, 10376G MK4, 10390G, 10390G MK2, 10391G, 10395G, 10395G MK2, 10396G, 10530G, 10530G MK2, 10530G MK3, 10530G MK4, 10531G, 10531G MK2, 10531G MK3, 10531G MK4, 10532G, 10532G MK2, 10532G MK3, 10532G MK4, 10535G, 10535G MK2, 10535G MK3, 10535G MK4, 10536G, 10536G MK2, 10536G MK3, 10536G MK4, 10538G, 10538G MK2, 10538G MK3, 10538G MK4,


41301, 41302, 41303, 41304, 41304 MK2, 41402, 41403, 41403 MK2, 48148, 48149, 48171, 48172, 48175, 48176, 48179, 48180, 48241 MK2, 48243 MK2, 48248, 48248 MK2, 48249, 48249 MK2, 48331, 48332, 48333, 48334, 48335, 48336, 48337, 48339, 48412, 48423, 48428, 48901, 48902, 48903, 48904, 48905, 48906, 48907, 48908, 48909, 49515, 49517, 49518, 49519, 49521, 49522, 49523, 49721, 49723, 49726


6166B, 6166P, 6521B, 6521P, 6525B, 6525P, 6531B, 6531P, 6535B, 6550B, 6550P, 6551B, 6551P, 6596B, 6596B, MK2 6596P, 6596P MK2, GW41P, GW42P


KD641EM, KD641EW, KD641EX, KD643EW, KD643EX


48173, 48174, 48177, 48178

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