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Stoves, Diplomat, Belling, Howden, Hygena & New World Genuine Main Oven Inner Door Glass

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The 082945208 genuine Stoves main oven inner door glass will ensure more heat is kept inside of your oven for a faster, reliable and efficient performance.

Measuring 410mm x 495mm, we suggest you check your existing glass panel, or if this is not possible to measure the door assembly to make sure this glass fits. So if your inner door glass is damaged or has accidentally been shattered, we've got the replacement for you.

Please note: if you need further help determining if this is the correct part for your model, please feel free to contact our sales team on 02920 452 510 with your model and serial number.

Compatible Models

This 082945208 genuine main oven inner door glass is compatible for a wide variety of brands and models, including Stoves, Diplomat, Belling, Howden, Hygena and New World.


600DCA BL, 600DCA CH, 600DCA GR, 600DCA WH, 600EF ST, 600EF WH, 600EMA CH, 600EMA GR, 600EMA ST, 600EMA WH, 600G ST, 600G WH, 600GR BL, 600GR ST, 600GR WH, 600GRA BL, 600GRA ST, 600GRA WH, 607MF BL, 607MF ST, 900DCA BL, 900DCA CH, 900DCA GR, 900DCA ST, 900DCA WH, 900EF ST, 900EF WH, 900EMA BL, 900EMA CH, 900EMA ST, 900EMA WH, 900GDO ST, 900GDO WH, 900GR BL, 900GR ST, 900GR WH, 905MF ST, 905MF WH, 907MF BL, 907MF ST, 907MF WH, EF600A BL, EF600A ST, EF600A WH, EFA600H ST, EFA600H WH, EFA900H ST, EL616 MK11 AN, EL616 MK11 BR, EL616 MK11 ST, EL616 MK11 WH, EL916 MK11 AN, EL916 MK11 BR, EL916 MK11 ST, EL916 MK11 WH, GL616 MK11 AN, GL616 MK11 BR, GL616 MK11 ST, GL616 MK11 WH, GL916 MK11 AN, GL916 MK11 ST and GL916 MK11 WH.


ADP0120, ADP0150, ADP0151, ADP0152, ADP0153, ADP0154, ADP0310, ADP0320, ADP0321, ADP0322, ADP0323, ADP3120, ADP3200, ADP4173, ADP4200, AGP0153, C60G and C90G.

New World

E60FA ST, E90DOA GR, E90DOA ST, E90DOA WH, G60M ST, G60M WH, G90M ST and G90M WH.


AHY0141, AHY0142, AHY0341 and AHY0342.


EF90BLK, EF90SS, EF90W, G60SS, G60W, G90SS and G90W.


XOU483 ST and BI90MF (444449593).


SO11GB BR and SO11GW WH.


SY21K BL and SY21W WH.

  • Genuine spare part
  • Also compatible with certain Belling, Diplomat, Howden, Hygena, Lamona, New World, and Prima cookers
  • Inner glass
  • Colour: Clear
  • Height: 410mm/16.14"
  • Width: 495mm/19.49"
  • Depth: 5mm/0.2"
  • Please check the model number of your appliance carefully before purchasing

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Dale , London
Easy to find, helpful staff
Jill Clegg, Torfaen
Amazing service. Easy to order part on line. I ordered a new inner glass for my oven door. Perfect fit excellent quality well packed and delivered within a few days. Would use again and highly recommend
Jim Pettitt, Dorset
Technical help was spot on and the part arrived next day! Perfect!
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