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Stoves Genuine Wok Burner Tap

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Genuine / Alternative: Genuine Part
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Burner taps are for modulating the dose and pressure of the gas used by your cooker. This has an effect on the powerfulness of the flames it radiates and thus how speedily your dishes cook.

Because of this, it’s an extremely important part of any cooking appliance that has a hob and – no matter if you’re boiling water to produce an inviting dish of lemon butter pasta or you are carefully and delicately tempering chocolate to create homemade sugar confections – you’ll probably be able to discover whatever you may need from our impressive range of Stoves replacement parts.

Please be informed that, as our company’s supply is so capacious, it will be difficult to work out a correct part A lot of replacement parts appear almost identical but won’t fit on certain appliances. Make sure to check the serial number and model number of your range before buying and maybe contact our team for help.

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