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Stoves Top Oven/Grill Control Knob for Stoves & Belling Cookers

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Suitable for a variety of appliances from both Belling and Stoves, this attractive black and silver control knob will have your oven looking as good as new in an instant. If your top oven is missing a crucial control knob - or the knob is still in place but no longer looks as good as it used to -   then this genuine replacement part will soon see your appliance right. The dial is clearly numbered for simple, straightforward use, and the contemporary look will really help your kitchen to shine.

Since most top ovens work as both ovens and grills, we’ve made sure that you can use this knob to control both functions. Printed on the shiny black dial, you will find a meter that shows grill temperature, as well as the more traditional gas mark numbers for standard oven use. If your Stoves oven or Belling cooker has seen better days, installing this top oven knob will be a huge step towards rejuvenating it.

  • Select gas mark (1-9) to use your top oven as a traditional cooker
  • If using top oven as a grill, select heat using the knob's temperaturemeter
  • Modern silver and black design goes perfectly with Stoves/Belling appliances
  • May not be suitable for all Belling/Stoves appliances - specify your model number to be sure
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