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Universal Oven Door Seal (4 sided)

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Genuine / Alternative: High Quality Replacement
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Your oven's door seal has to be of a high standard, or you'll be losing heat and wasting energy every time you cook. This high-quality replacement seal will help your oven to run as efficiently as possible, and you won't find a better price anywhere else!

This is a universal 4-sided door seal, which means that it fits almost any appliance. If your oven meets the following criteria, this door seal should be suitable for your needs:

  • Your oven has a 4-sided seal (remember, we also stock a Universal 3-Sided Door Seal)
  • The original seal has square corners (this seal is not suitable for curved corners)
  • Your oven has a single hole at each corner for hooks (some ovens have twin holes in each corner, and our seal kit cannot be used with these appliances)

NOTE: If your oven does not meet all of these criteria, this 4-sided door seal kit is not an appropriate choice. Please return to our Oven Door Seals page and use our search filters to find a part that fits your specific brand and model.

The universal oven door seal kit comes with four corner clips for easy attachment. We also include a set of instructions; even if you've no previous oven repair experience, you'll find that door seal replacement is a very straightforward task indeed!

  • High-quality replacement part
  • Compatible with certain cookers
  • Suitable for most ovens with four-sided seals, square corners, and one hole in each corner
  • The door seal comes as a single two-metre length. Measure your oven and cut to size
  • Contents: 2m black door seal, 4 corner hooks, instruction booklet
  • Please check the model number of your appliance carefully before purchasing


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