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Diplomat Oven Spares

Our collection of Diplomat oven spares contains almost every part you could possibly need for your Diplomat cooker. Whether you’re looking for a hob ring, an oven element, or something else again, you’re more or less guaranteed to find it here - simply enter your model number below to see a list of suitable Diplomat gas hob spares for your cooking appliance.

While Diplomat cookers are no longer being produced, they are still used in thousands of kitchens throughout the United Kingdom. Our extensive range of reasonably-priced Diplomat cooker spares means that, in the event of a breakdown, it's easy to simply repair your appliance instead of buying a brand new one.

If you can't find the Diplomat spares that you need, give Cooker Spare Parts a call on 02920 452 510 and we'll do our best to track down the replacement parts you're looking for.

Search for the right Diplomat spares

We don’t expect our customers to search through all of our Diplomat oven spares manually. The Cooker Spare Parts website features a couple of handy search filters to make finding the right part much, much easier – you’ll be surprised at just how quickly you can track down exactly the product you need!

Here are a few tips for narrowing down our list of Diplomat gas hob spares. Select the appropriate category from our ‘Part Types’ list – grill elements, control knobs, etc. – and once you’re looking at the right kind of parts, tell us which model you need a part for using our ‘Narrow by Models’ tool. By this point, you should only be able to see the parts that are perfectly compatible with your Diplomat cooker.

If you need any further information about our Diplomat cooker spares or the service we provide, feel free to drop us a line on enquiries@cookerspareparts.com.

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