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Flame Failures & Thermocouples

Buy Flame Failure Devices & Oven Thermocouples

Your cooker's flame failure device (FFD) is a key safety feature that stems the flow of gas when your cooker's flame is extinguished for any reason. It's important to ensure that your FFD or thermocouple is in good working order at all times - when flammable gas is allowed to build up, it can have lethal consequences!

If you need a new FFD for your oven, the Cooker Spare Parts team can help. We have a huge range of oven thermocouples and FFDs in stock - simply select your cooker brand using the Narrow by manufacturer tool below, and we'll show you a list of parts that may be suitable for your appliance.

Not sure you've got the right part for your oven? Feel free to contact us for assistance before you buy your flame failure device.

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