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Has your cooker's grill pan become damaged? Or maybe you have misplaced the handle? If so, the Cooker Spare parts team can help. We stock a wide range of top quality Grill Pans, as well as the handles and grids to go with them. We know how difficult it can be using your grill without the appropriate grill pan, so make sure you choose the right replacement part for your cooker!
Ordering a new grill pan from Cooker Spare Parts couldn’t be easier. Using the search feature below, simply select the manufacturer of your oven and we will show you a list of suitable grill pans for your make and model.
If you are still unsure as to which product(s) you require and would like some extra assistance selecting your new meat pan, please don’t hesitate to contact our expert customer service team, either by calling us on 02920 452 510 or emailing us on enquiries@cookerspareparts.com.
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More On Our Grill Trays

All of our cooker accessories are made of the highest quality materials and come with a 180-day warranty, so if you order your grill pans or grill trays from us, regardless if they are a genuine or high-quality alternative, you can be sure that they will last time after time. We also supply an excellent range of replacement grill pan handles so that you can repair one that is now faulty. 

Our easy-to-use search and secure payment systems allow you to find and purchase the meat pan that you require as quickly and efficiently as possible, so there really is no reason to go anywhere else to purchase your grill pans and grill trays.


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