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Seal up your main oven door with ease! This two metre-length door seal kit from will help to keep your oven from losing valuable heat; if the seal is broken, heat can easily escape, but with this sturdy door seal in place, your cooker will be far more energy-efficient.

Compatible Models

This 032501400 oven door seal is suitable for numerous appliance models and brands, including Stoves, New World, Diplomat, Hygena, Belling, CDA, Creda and Hotpoint.


050502082 (SN GL616 MK11 Whi), 050502083 (SN GL616 MK11 Bro), 050502084 (SN GL616 MK11 Ant), 050502085 (SN GL616 MK11 Sta), 050503086 (SN GL716 MK11 Whi), 050503087 (SN GL716 MK11 Bro), 050503088 (SN GL716 MK11 Ant), 050503089 (SN GL716 MK11 Sta), 050504061 (SN GL916 MK11 whi), 050504062 (SN GL916 MK11 Bro), 050504063 (SN GL916 MK11 Ant), 050504064 (SN GL916 MK11 Sta), 050505078 (ST 720GRa Whi), 050505079 (ST 720GRa Sta), 050505080 (ST 720GRa Blk), 050505081 (ST 720GRa LP Sta), 050507074 (ST 900GRa Whi), 050507075 (ST 900GRa Sta), 050507076 (ST 900GRa Blk), 050507077 (ST 900GRa LP Sta), 050521000 (ST 600DCa Whi), 050521001 (ST 600DCa Cha), 050521002 (ST 600DCa Blk), 050521003 (ST 600DCa Grn), 050521004 (ST 600DCa Sta), 050522000 (ST Premier 720DCa Whi), 050522001 (ST Premier 720DCa Cha), 050522002 (ST Premier 720DCa Blk), 050522003 (ST Premier 720DCa Grn), 050522004 (ST Premier 720DCa Sta), 050528000 (ST Premier 900DCa Whi), 050528001 (ST Premier 900DCa Cha), 050528002 (ST Premier 900DCa Blk), 050528003 (ST Premier 900DCa Grn), 050528004 (ST 900DCa Sta), 050550118 (ST 600GRa Whi), 050550119 (ST 600GRa Sta), 050550120 (ST 600GRa Blk), 050550121 (ST 600GRa LP Sta), 058585095 (ST 600EMa Whi), 058585096 (ST 600EMa Cha), 058585097 (ST 600EMa Blk), 058585098 (ST Premier 600EMa Grn), 058585099 (ST 600EMa Sta), 058585102 (SN EFa600H Sta), 058585103 (SN EFa600H (HAP0060) Whi), 058585106 (SN EL616 MK11 Whi), 058585107 (SN EL616 MK11 Bro), 058585108 (SN EL616 MK11 Ant), 058585109 (SN EL616 MK11 Sta), 058587083 (ST 720EMa Whi), 058587084 (ST 720EMa Cha), 058587085 (ST 720EMa Blk), 058587086 (ST Premier 720EMa Grn), 058587087 (ST 720EMa Sta), 058587089 (SN EL716 MK11 Whi), 058587090 (SN EL716 MK11 Bro), 058587091 (SN EL716 MK11 Ant), 058587092 (SN EL716 MK11 Sta), 058588054 (ST 900EMa Whi), 058588055 (ST 900EMa Cha), 058588056 (ST 900EMa Blk), 058588057 (ST 900EMa Grn) and 058588058 (ST 900EMa Sta).

New World

100DF GR, 100DF SS, 100DF ST, 100G GR, 100G LPG GR, 100G LPG SS, 100G SS, 100G ST, 110DF CA, 110DF GR, 110DF ST, 110G CA, 110G GR, 110G LPG CA, 110G LPG GR, 110G ST, 80DF ST, 80G GR, 80G SG, E60FA ST, E70DOA GR, EF60FA, E70DOA ST, E70DOA WH, E90DOA GR, E90DOA ST, E90DOA WH, G60M ST, G60M WH, G70M ST, G70M WH, G90M ST, G90M WH, GG720 FSD ST and 444447275.


ADP0120, ADP0150, ADP0151, ADP0152, ADP0153, ADP0154, ADP0310, ADP0320, ADP0321, ADP0322, ADP0323, ADP0520, ADP0530, ADP0532, ADP0534, ADP0540, ADP0541, ADP0542, ADP0543, ADP0544 and ADP4230.


100DF, 100G, 940 ABG5303 BL, 940 ABG5309 SI, 941 ABG5310 ST, 941 ABG5313 BL, XOU483 ST and XOU594 ST.


SY21K BL and SY21W WH.

  • High-quality replacement
  • Compatible with certain Stoves, New World, Belling, Diplomat, Creda, and Hotpoint cookers
  • Length: 2m
  • Please check the model number of your appliance carefully before purchasing

Customer Reviews

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Rob, Macclesfield
Easy swap Fitted perfectly
Sandra M , Lancashire
Door seal arrived within 24 hours. Easy to fit, just needed cutting to size.
Johnson K, Northampton
Straight forward
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