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Cooker Door Catches & Door Pins

It becomes a headache when your cooker door catch or door pin becomes damaged and needs to be repaired. There's no need to worry however because if you need a replacement door catch or door pin for your cooker door, we have got you covered! We have an extensive range of Cooker Door Catches and Door Pins that will ensure your oven closes properly, stopping any vital heat from escaping and getting your cooking back to what it once was.

If you're struggling to locate the Door Catch or Door Pin you need, you can refine your search selecting the manufacturer of your appliance, or by searching for a specific keyword. If you're hesitant about replacing your door catch, follow this helpful guide. It'll have you replacing your oven door catch in a breeze!

If you're unsure about which part to purchase or have any concerns regarding ourcooker door catches and pins, please don't hesitate to get in touch with our cooker experts. Call 02920 452 510 or email enquiries@cookerspareparts.com

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Oven Door Pins & Catches from Cooker Spare Parts

If your oven door has become faulty it can be a real pain trying to use it. Fixing it can be as easy as changing the cooker door catches or door pins. If you are after high-quality replacement cooker parts, we can help. 

Be sure to read the product descriptions carefully to be sure your replacement part is compatible with your oven. We only supply products that are built to last, to save you having to make more replacements. If you need any help choosing or replacing your part we are more than happy to advise you.  

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