If you’re looking for gas cooker parts, you have most definitely come to the right site! We like to think of ourselves as a wondrous cooker parts emporium, carefully organised for your browsing ease; or just an easy-to-use website that sells gas cooker parts, but that doesn’t have quite the same ring to it!

It seems the majority of new cookers are electric these days, and while we stock all the necessary parts to keep them in tip-top shape, our stocks are just as plentiful when it comes to maintaining gas appliances too! 

It’s easy to get fired up about gas cookers (forgive the pun) - there is something very satisfying about using them that really appeals to one's inner pyromaniac. We get an innate, primeval thrill when we see real flames, and we get even more joy from using them to cook with. 

It is not just an early-prehistoric case of ‘man make fire, fire cook food good’ attitude that makes us love gas cookers; they also have several practical advantages over their electric rivals. Gas hobs heat up very quickly, and can be cooled easily too – this is ideal for anyone needing to dramatically alter temperatures during cooking.

In most cases, gas cookers are actually cheaper to run than electric ones; gas costs around 6p per kilowatt hour, and electricity costs double that at 12p per kilowatt hour (according to an Ebico home energy expert).

It’s easy to get excited about gas cooker parts if it means you can continue the usage of your beloved gas cooker! If you are thinking of purchasing a new gas appliance, or if you’re reluctant to let your old one fall into ruin, take comfort in knowing Cooker Spare Parts has all the replacements needed to keep it running smoothly!

Following on from our last blog about cooking the perfect Christmas turkey, we thought we would share a few of our tips with you on making the perfect roast potatoes! Roasties are definitely one of the heroes of Christmas dinners, so they should be treated with all the necessary care and attention to get them just right

What makes the perfect roast potatoes? For us here at Cooker Spare Parts it’s a flavourful, golden, crispy outer skin, with a soft, fluffy, and delectable centre. There are a few variations along the way that we’ll mention so you can really tailor your ‘tatoes.

Peel, Parboil, and Shake

We like to use a good floury potato like a king Edward when making our perfect roast potatoes, but in truth cheaper spuds prepared correctly are still divine! The first step is to peel your potatoes, cut them into your desired-sized chunks, and then boil them for about 15 – 20 minutes.

When you drain the potatoes, using the same metal colander shake them hard enough so that they fray and fluff up a bit, but not so hard that they fall out; this process creates more surface area on the potatoes, which allows for extra-crispiness in baking.

Essential Fats

After placing your fluffed spuds in a baking tray you want to decide what fat to use. Goose and duck fat are traditionally great for roasties as they burn at a higher temperature, and so ensure a crisper potato. You can also use butter for a slighter richer, creamier crust, or even olive oil for a healthier more Mediterranean taste. Whatever it is, make sure it evenly covers the potatoes, and then season them well before putting them in an oven on a medium heat for around 30 minutes.

Tis the Season

Now that your perfect roast potatoes are half baked, take them out of the oven for a final sprinkle of magic! This is where you can really flavour up your roasties, and get creative with your own blends of herbs and spices – the reason we don’t want herbs in from the start is they can actually burn and lose flavour over the course of cooking. Some great roast potato combinations are garlic and fresh rosemary, and lemon and thyme, but feel free to invent your own; once again you want an even coverage, and feel free to further season for taste.

Our last little tip before you pop them back in the oven is to press down on each potato with the back of a fork so that they spilt slightly. This will give further surface area and edges to each potato enhancing the level of crisp and crunch once they’re finished!

An extra 30 minutes in the oven and your beautifully-crisp, perfectly-cooked roast potatoes are ready for their ensuing baths of gravy! Stay tuned to our blog for more handy kitchen hints, and a wide range of cooker spare parts.

Your cooker timer is one of the single most important parts of your cooking appliance. It may not be as fundamental as the heat itself, but without one that same heat could end up ruining the food you have slaved over!

Even the best chefs among us need a working cooker timer, especially when preparing complex meals that involve lots of clock-watching. Things happen in the home that distract us or divert our attention elsewhere, then before you know it your joint of meat is overcooked, and your roast potatoes look like charcoal briquettes!

The beauty of a functional cooking timer is that once you know how long something takes to cook, you can set the timer to the said number, and then relax! The beauty of having an inbuilt timer is that they often display other useful information such as the temperature, and which parts of the cooker are switched on.

You may have been living with a faulty timer for quite some time now, and we’re sure you’ve come up with ways to work around it, or ‘make-do’. Cooker Spare Parts doesn’t believe in living with such inconveniences, especially on such an essential kitchen appliance like your cooker! There’s a very good reason that all appliances come with a timer as standard, so replace yours today, and have your cooker working like new again.

Are you in a big cake-less hole now that the Great British Bake Off has left your TV screens? Missing Frances’s quirky cakes? Ruby’s moody faces? Marry Berry’s accidental but somehow seemingly on-purpose sexual innuendos? We know we are. There was nothing more soothing than crawling into bed with a cup of tea and watching the masters at work creating sweet treats and sugary feasts that we could only dream of divulging. Alas, now series 4 has ended and The Bake Off is no longer on our screens…what on earth do we do? We cannot simply sit in misery and wait for Season 5 to begin, no friends, we must take the flour-covered rolling pin into our own hands and bake, for the love of god, bake!

In simple terms, if you loved watching GBBO then why not try your hand at baking some delicious baked goodies of your own? Perhaps the most traditional baked delicacy is undoubtedly the cupcake. To start simple but extremely effective, here’s a recipe for delicious Vanilla Cupcakes we’ve got from the BBC website.

Alternatively you could cook some beautiful brownies or marvellous muffins? Once you’ve got a taste for baking (or at least the end product) the fun is never ending. Indeed the possibilities are endless – and we’re sure your loved ones will be extremely chuffed with your new hobby!

Of course, you wouldn’t be able to bake any of these delicious goodies unless your oven was in tip top condition – so make sure everything is in working order before you embark on your cooking mission to avoid any disappointment and a waste of cash! Of course, if you find a faulty part on your cooker then it is important to replace it with a high quality replacement cooker spare part. Now where on earth could you find one of those I wonder?

Founded in 1975, Indesit have been producing quality appliances for decades! The Italian-based multinational company produces all kinds of home appliances, but it’s their cookers – and more specifically Indesit cooker parts – that we’re interested in!

You don’t reach the heights and success of a manufacturer like Indesit by making anything other than superior-class cookers. Unfortunately, even cookers of a high quality break-down and come to fault - this needn’t be the end of your cooker though, as a quick diagnosis, and a browse through our Indesit cooker parts will have your appliance up and running in no time.

Thanks to the build-quality of Indesit cookers, you can simply replace whatever part it is that is not functioning, and go on to enjoy the full use of your cooker for years to come! We sell a vast range of Indesit cooker spares: from control knobs and elements, to grill pans and lamps we sell the replacements to keep your cooker cooking!

If your cooker has come to fault, don’t panic yourself thinking you are going to need a new one! Find your model number, and search via our homepage to be presented with a list of all the compatible parts we stock. Most of our replacements are extremely easy to fit, so you should be able to fix them yourself, and have a fully-functional cooker once again.

Click here to see our full collection of Indesit spares.