Thanks to events such as the Cardiff Vegetarian Festival and Picnic, along with a permanent foodie fix from The Depot, Cardiff's street food scene has really gone from strength to strength in recent years. Now that the weather is starting to brighten up, and food festival season is in full swing, we thought that we'd share some of the best street food providers that you can find in the Welsh capital!

Meat and Greek 

Wish you were heading to a beautiful Greek island for your holidays this year? Well, Cardiff may not be able to offer you the weather, but it can offer you the same delicious food! The team behind Meat and Greek are a Greek-Cypriot family, who are passionate about sharing their authentic fare with the people of Cardiff and beyond. Serving up mouth-watering souvlaki since 2014, Meat and Greek have rapidly gained a reputation as one of the finest street food providers in Wales - and it isn't hard to see why! Combining locally sourced meat which is cooked over a traditional bed of charcoal, with creamy houmous and a soft pita parcel, this family-run food stall deliver a match made in heaven for your taste buds, all with wholesome, fuss-free ingredients.

Where? - Find Meat and Greek at events throughout Cardiff this summer. Also available for wedding hire.


Mr Nice Pie

It's time to rethink everything you know about vegan street food, thanks to the 'Splendiferous vegan savoury deliciousness' offered up by this Welsh provider! Made without the use of animal products, preservatives and other nasties, these pies truly are a comforting favourite that you won't have to feel guilty about eating! With delicious fillings that range from Chickpea Chasseur to a Sundried Tomato and Walnut Loaf , you will be well and truly spoilt for choice when you pick up one of these beauties from a local market or wholesale supplier!

Where? Riverside Market, every Sunday 10-2 on Fitzhammon Embankment.


Dirty Bird Fried Chicken

Now on to something a tad more unhealthy, but boy is it good! Dirty Bird has been a firm favourite amongst street food fans in Cardiff over the past few years, thanks to its tasty take on American fired chicken! Their buttermilk recipe really is a treat for the senses, achieving the perfect combination of golden, crunchy coating, and soft, melt-in-your-mouth chicken. Complimented perfectly by their indulgent blue cheese dip, the Dirty Bird box is a well-balanced street food dish that will get any chicken lover coming back for more! You'll have to snap it up quickly though, as their offerings tend to run out in the blink of an eye, thanks to their enormous popularity.

Where: Events throughout the UK and The Depot (check on social media).


Dusty Knuckle Pizza

If you like your pizza to be fresh, light and crispy, then you're in for a treat with one of these amazing, wood fired creations! Made using the best ingredients, Dusty Knuckle's pizza selection offers something for everyone, including Vegan customers! Whether you're partial to a traditional margherita or something a bit more unusual, such as their Blue Cheese and Chutney creation, you're sure to be satisfied by the level of quality offered by these talented pizza makers! If you won't take our word for it, you should be convinced by the fact that they were listed as one of the top 25 pizzerias in the whole of the UK, according to the Sunday Times! 

Where? Events listed here, also available at the Crafty Devil Cellar Bar, Canton.



Operating out of their offices in Pontyclun, this family-run business offers traditional Indian snacks, boasting the only purpose-built samosa factory in Wales! All of their delicious products are a 100% vegetarian, and are free of any added artificial ingredients, which just makes us love their tasty offerings even more. As well as offering the favourite snacks such as bhajees and pakoras, Samosaco also offer their own spin on a selection of other favourite snacks, including an onion bhajee scotch egg! 

Where? Events throughout Wales, check social media for updates.

Indesit Spares

Given that Indesit is the UK's single largest kitchen appliance manufacturer, it's perhaps unsurprising that Indesit parts are also some of the most popular products on our website. We sell a huge range of spares for Indesit cookers, including thermostats, elements, door seals, oven lamps, and far more besides.

How to order your Indesit spares

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(Don't know your model number? Click here for info on where to find it.)

If this clicking back to the homepage and typing in a few characters somehow seems like to much work, perhaps we can still help. Below are half a dozen of our most-requested Indesit models; if one of them matches your cooker, just click on the relevant model to see a list of compatible parts instantaneously!

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Indesit ID60C2(X)

If your Indesit cooker doesn't match any of these models, don't sweat it - click here to browse our full range of Indesit spares, or contact us for further assistance.

This week it's National Vegetarian Week. A week where we learn about all the benefits of embarking on a meat free diet, how becoming vegetarian is both super healthy and sustainable. It is also a chance for people who are thinking about adopting a meat free lifestyle to deep their toe in the water before taking the full plunge.

Not only is it all fresh and taste great, we find that vegetarian dishes are some of the most experimental and inventive dishes, which is why we love it so much!

So to celebrate National Vegetarian Week, we have collected some of our all-time favourite vegetarian dishes for you to try. These mouth-watering dishes will delight vegetarians and meat eaters alike.

Warning: If you are sitting on the fence you will be a fully blown vegetarian by the end of the week after eating these lush dinners! 

Broccoli and Quinoa casserole

If you are going to be caught eating any food this week, make it Quinoa. Quinoa is one of the most fashionable foods of the moment, and not only that these little grains are filled with natural goodness you will surely feel great after eating this dish.

Click here to make tonight 

Corn Stuffed Tomatoes

Fancy a little something, but you don’t have time or don’t fancy whipping up a full on meal? Then these little corn stuffed tomatoes are perfect for you! I’ll be honest with you, I am not a fan of cooked tomatoes, or any tomato that isn’t chopped in a tin for that matter, but after trying these little gems I can safely say I am converting. (I might not be able to have tomato’s in a salad just yet but i am certainly getting there!)

If you would like a little extra flavour add basil to the mix!

If you fancy cooking these tonight, click here

Pesto Ricotta Pie

This mouth-watering pie provides the perfect Friday night dinner. Delicious and even more enjoyable with a glass of wine and the knowledge that you don’t have to get up for work in the morning.

Invite your family and friends over, or just enjoy with your partner, no matter what your plans are this pie is perfect for the occasion.

If you would like to surprise your spouse this weekend then click here for the recipe. 

Coconut Quinoa and Lentil Curry with Lime Mango 

I don’t know about you, but we at Cooker Spare Parts Love cooking with coconut. The fragrance and the gorgeous taste of coconut compliments any curry and this dish is no exception.

This satisfying curry is overflowing with natural goodness making it completely guilt free.

Click here for the recipe.

Baked Mushrooms with Polenta and Cheese Sauce 

We have a lot to thank Italy for; Spaghetti Bolognese, Pizza, Carbonara, Pesto the list can go on. We are in debt to Italy for all of the gorgeous foods they have introduced to the world. However, they are also massive eaters of Polenta.

Popular in northern Italy this lesser known staple food is so versatile it can provide a great base for many dishes, and better still a little can go a long way, so if you are experiencing a tight month – this could be your life saver!

We love polenta, and we enjoy in may different styles, boiled, fried with sauce, with mushrooms, or even in a cake! It makes you feel satisfied for a long too!!

If you haven’t tried polenta before then we suggest trying this simple recipe – we promise you won’t be let down! 

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People who follow the paleo diet only try to eat what our ancestors ate back way back in the day. This means that the only thing you can eat are the things that our caveman ancestors could hunt or forage. This means that if you can only eat meat, nuts, fish, greens seasonal vegetables and seeds.

People who follow the paleo diet are generally attracted to it because of the simplicity of the diet and the clear outlines of what you can and can’t eat, and because whatever food you are in taking is all super healthy for you.

One of the main appeals of the paleo diet is that you won’t need to count calories ever again. Calories are not created equal. So eating 800 calories of fresh vegetables is better for you than eating 800 calories of fast food, as you would expect.

Today we would like to share with you 5 of our favourite Paleo meals, after trying these you may become converted – who knows!


Butternut Squash & Kale Beef Stew

First on this list is this extremely heathy beef stew. This melt in your mouth recipe from girlmeetspaleo is everything you want comfort food to be. Delicious, hearty, and healthy. The initial cooking of the stew only takes around 20 minutes, then you will need to leave it to simmer for around an hour. Plenty of time to get some of your weekly chores done and dusted!!

A word of warning, as the author states this recipe does make a lot of stew, so if you don’t plan on eating any throughout the week, we recommend reducing some of the ingredients so you are not wasting food!

To view this recipe, click here


Baked Salmon with Lemon and Thyme

Whoever said that dieting mean cutting out all foods that taste great was very, very wrong. Here at Cooker Spare Parts we are a fan of meals that we can cook quickly, taste great and above all else, contains salmon! This recipe ticks all 3 boxes!

Taking on 30 minutes to create this recipe is great to wind down with after a long, hard day at work.  To create this stunning recipe all you will need is a piece of salmon, 1 lemon, capers, and thyme. Simply season the fish, sprinkle the fish with capers, and back for 25 minutes then serve with a fresh salad.

To view the recipe, click here.


Paleo spaghetti Squash & Meatballs

If you are feeling lazy then this is the perfect meal for you. All you need is a spaghetti squash, ground sausage, tomato juice, garlic, olive oil and seasoning.  Put your tomato sauce, olive oil, garlic, and seasoning into your slow cooker, cut your squash in half and place face down in the slow cooker. Roll your sausage meat into balls and again place in your slow cooker then cook!

The best thing about this recipe is that you can either cook it on high temp for 3 hours or if you are busy and need a little bit more time, cook for 5 hours on a slow heat.

When the squash is cooked use a fork to pull the squash apart to make spaghetti. To view this recipe, click here


Beef and Blueberry Stuffed Sweet Potato

Now a recipe for the more adventurous people out there… this recipe, like most of the greats, has been created out of leftovers. So to recreate this dish you will need some slow cooked beef either left over from your meal the night before, or you can just whip some up while you are at work.

All you will need is 1 sweet potato, slow cooked beef, blueberries and seasoning. Cut the potato in half and cook it for 20 minutes, scoop out the middle and mix with the beef and the berries, heat the mixture in a pan and then re-add it to the potato skin.

There you have it – the perfect left overs meal. Click here to view the recipe.


Mango Avocado Spiced Chicken Salad

Today we are going to finish up with the perfect dish for summer – a mango avocado spiced chicken salad. This light salad is perfect for lunch times at work, and only takes a couple of minutes in the morning to create.

Simply put your chicken in a bowl, and cook in the microwave for 15 seconds, then add chilli powder and cumin. Mix your chicken with chopped salad and add diced mango.

For the full recipe, click here

There you have it, our top 5 paleo meals - let us know if you are going to try any of them, or better still have become a paleo convert!

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Do you know where your cooker model number is? Before you start browsing our website for cooker spares, we strongly recommend that you make a note of your appliance's model number.

We stock a huge number of parts here at Cooker Spare Parts, and since many of them look very similar to one another, it's a good idea to know exactly what kind of cooker you're trying to fix!

Bottom line: entering your manufacturer name and model number (e.g. Hotpoint DHS53X) when searching the Cooker Spare Parts website will ensure that we only show you parts that are compatible with your cooker.

Unfortunately, cooker manufacturers don't always make their model numbers easy to spot.

To find out your model number, you'll need to find the cooker's data badge. The model number will be included among the infromation on the badge.

A cooker's data badge which contains your cooker model number usually looks something like this:

Cooker Model Number Example
In this example, the model number is SDF6 7HF.

So where's my cooker model number?

This is the tricky part because your cooker model number's location depends on what type of cooker you own. On most appliances, the data badge can be found in one of the following places:

  • Behind the frame of the oven door
  • On the side of the oven door
  • Behind the flap at the base of the appliance
  • On the side of the appliance
  • On the back of the appliance

In some cases, you may have to move your cooker away from the wall in order to inspect its cooker model number. However, before you do that, we recommend visiting our Help Centre page and selecting your manufacturer from our drop-down list - this will give you more specific information about how to locate your appliance's model number.

If you're still struggling, give us a call on 02920 452 510 and our cooker experts will be happy to help you out.

I've found my model number! What next?

Now that you've got your cooker model number to hand, simply head to the Cooker Spare Parts homepage and enter your manufacturer name (e.g. Belling) and model number (e.g. DB90) in the boxes provided. We'll then show you a list of compatible parts, and you can either select the item you need from that list or narrow it down further by specifying a part type and/or searching for a specific keyword phrase.

Can't find your model number? Visit our Help Centre!