Assorted vegtables and meal ingredients

As the days get warmer, we want fresher, lighter recipes. Winter warmers are on their way out, and the spring months bring the promise of fresh produce, outdoor dining and plenty of sweet treats to keep the whole family happy.

Read on for three recipe ideas that include our favourite spring food trends - great no matter how much you plan on using your oven!


The last supper

When spring arrives and the weather begins to get warmer, many families swap out comforting roast dinners in favour of fun barbecues and outdoor dining.

However, spring does also include Easter - a great opportunity to give the roast a send-off before you switch to more summery dinners. Roast lamb is a favourite in the spring; give it a fresh new flavour by incorporating Mediterranean ingredients, which are perfect for warmer weather.

We really love this Greek roast lamb recipe for an Easter Sunday roast. Instead of roast potatoes, new potatoes add a fresh flavour that will convert any sceptic. It's a firm family favourite that's perfect for spring celebrations, with seasonal veg and a twist on a classic favourite.


Hot off the press

If you're not a fan of hot cross buns...well, we implore you to reconsider. Are you aware that you can now get several different flavours of hot cross bun? If the traditional cinnamon and raisins aren't your thing, chocolate chip versions have begun to appear in supermarkets, and these may well convert you. Even if you're a die-hard traditionalist, it's good to try these new twists on the timeless Easter treat. We've been eyeing up these chocolate orange ones from Waitrose.

If you feel like trying out some seasonal baking, why not try making your own hot cross buns? It's the perfect way to use your oven and practice for The Great British Bake Off.


Mint to be

Always a controversial ice-cream flavour (perhaps its association with toothpaste has tainted public opinion?), mint has many uses beyond choc-chip. Mint leaves have a milder flavour that leans more savoury and is a far cry from your dentist's favourite mouthwash. If you've ever had a mojito, you'll know it's a lightly refreshing taste that still has a little earthy hit.

What's great about mint is how well it pairs with other seasonal favourites. Think lamb with mint sauce, or green veggies with mint; these are classic combinations that are miles away from ice cream. Greek and Middle Eastern cuisines rely on this herb, and we reckon spring is the perfect time to try tabbouleh. Serve warm as a fresh side dish to meat, or add feta cheese for a great lunch on the go. It's also a no-cook classic - perfect if your oven is out of use. Keep your eye out for mint in other recipes; you'll be surprised how versatile it can be.

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