Gas thermostats on cookers are designed to help you have complete control over the temperature of your appliance. Unfortunately, as with any part on your cooker, things can go wrong and parts may need replacing.

A question we get asked a lot is why are gas oven thermostats so important? The simple answer is that they allow you to have maximum control over the temperature of your oven. This is to ensure you don’t burn anything and don’t cause any unnecessary damage to other important components on your cooker. The reason they allow you to control the temperature of your oven is thanks to the thermostat phial that it attached to them. This phial is in the oven itself and has a small amount of gas in it. This gas expands and contracts according to the temperature allowing you to adjust the temperature as you wish.

The most common problem with oven thermostats that we see is the thermostat phial not registering the temperature of the cooker correctly, meaning your cooking will be disrupted as the appliance is unable to tell what temperature your cooker is operating at.

Here at Cooker Spare Parts we have a fantastic range of oven thermostats for you to choose from that will have your cooker back to its normal self in no time at all. Take this GTS 1388 for example. It is one of our bestsellers and this oven thermostat has been manufactured for the main oven on your gas cooker. Once fitted, your oven will be as good as new, but more importantly, you will safely be able to control the temperature of your cooker.

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