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Are you searching for a new cooker but not sure which type to go for? The cooker you choose will depend on the previous cooker you have used and, of course, your personal preference when it comes to cooking. This blog highlight’s the pros and cons of gas and electric cookers, to inform you of which cooker is suitable for your needs. While both of these style cookers do a great job, they both have advantages and disadvantages.

Which is cheaper to run?

Both gas and electric cookers cost money to run, but they do differ greatly in how much they cost. If you use an electric cooker, you will use less energy but as electricity costs are more than gas per unit, you may end up paying slightly more for an electric cooker.

If you were to use your cooker for around five-hours per week, tests have shown an electric cooker will cost you on average £40 per week while a gas cooker will cost around £17 per week. Not to mention, gas cookers tend to retail cheaper also. While we understand, it’s not always about how much it will cost you, this will influence which cooker you purchase.  

Advantages and Disadvantages; Which cooker is best?

Gas Cooker


Gas Cooker



  1. Gas cookers are great for simmering food as they offer quick and easy-to-control heat temperatures. Overall, the cooker hobs provide even heat for the base of your pan. Therefore, you spend less time preparing your dinner to get it cooked properly.
  2. They are also cheaper to run, compared to electric cookers. As a result, you’re going to save more money if you cook with a gas cooker.


  1. Gas hobs are a lot slower than electric hobs, meaning they take longer to warm larger volumes of food. If you’re planning on cooking large meals each night on your gas hob, we recommend you safe yourself some time and go for an electric cooker.
  2. Gas hobs can sometimes be harder to clean as they have raised burners and pan supports. Trying to clean them does become slightly trickier and time-consuming. As gas hobs have raised burners and pan supports they are more susceptible to collecting dust and excess food from spillages.
  3. A gas cooker has less even heat distribution in the ‘oven’ compartment compared to electric ovens, making it harder for the heat to circulate around the cavity of the oven. This means the heat will stay at the top of the oven, rather than the bottom. While this is seen as a disadvantage for some, others utilise this element as they cook different foods, with different cooking instructions, at the same time!
  4. Conclusively, installation of a gas cooker can also be a tricky one and you are required to have a qualified professional to install your appliance – this does cost, so bare this in mind if you are thinking of purchasing a gas cooker.


Electric Cooker

Electric Cooker

While there is no definite answer to which cooker is best, as experts, Cooker Spare Parts can advise you of the advantages and disadvantages of each cooker, to make sure you’re buying the most suitable cooker for your home and your requirements!

Electric cookers have a few more advantages than they do disadvantages and this is why;

  1. Electric cookers evenly distribute its heat, this is because they have fans, which help circulate hot air around the cavity. This means your food will tend to cook evenly and will take less time (this is a great benefit if you are cooking large meals or are looking to cook a meal quickly).
  2. Electric ovens also tend to have different heating elements that you can utilise to your advantage. With this element, you can cook multiple meals at the same time. For example, using your grill and fan to cook different meals (perfect for families with children or those with different food preferences).
  3. If you tend to cook a lot, have a large family or, are a messy cook (this is not a bad thing), then an electric oven would be the cooker we would recommend. Electric cookers are much easier to clean and take less time to clean – so, if you’re in a rush or cooking a lot, it saves you a lot of time and stress when it comes to the deep clean.
  4. If you purchase an electric cooker that has ‘induction cooking’ you can speed up cooking times; induction cookers heat up faster which is great if you’re in a rush and are looking to whip up a quick meal.
  5. Finally, it has been proven that electric cookers are better at grilling food to that of gas cookers. So, if you like to grill your food then we’d recommend an electric cooker.


  1. Electric cookers cost fractionally more, so your energy bills will be slightly higher if you opt for this cooker style.
  2. Electric cooker hobs tend to take longer to cool down as they retain heat after they have been switched off – be careful if you have little ones, as they can be very hot to touch after they have been switched off!

Cooker Spare Parts can inform you of the types of cookers available and how they can work for you. However, it really depends on your cooking preferences as to which cooker is best! Both gas and electric cookers do a great job at cooking but they do have different functions so, make sure before buying, you are aware of their pros and their cons.

If you do have any questions about which cooker is best, don’t hesitate to give our friendly advice team a call or email; you can find their contact details here. Additionally, at Cooker Spare Parts we stock a range of gas and electric cooker replacement parts so at any time you find your cooker in need of fixing, we can help too!

It’s time to answer that burning question you’ve been pondering for years: what is the difference between a convection and conventional oven?! Yes, my friends, here at Cooker Spare Parts we are real oven nerds, and we have all the knowledge to accurately distinguish convection and conventional ovens for you.   

 You’ll often find that what’s conventional, isn’t necessarily what’s best and the same can be said of ovens. Over the years, conventional ovens have become less popular, while convection ovens have seen sales grow like a baking cake. So, let’s breakdown the distinctions between a convection oven and a conventional model:

A load of hot air – convection vs conventional

Have you ever thought about exactly how your oven works? It’s not just a magical device which turns out hot food; its purpose essentially centres around hot air, and this is how we distinguish between convection and conventional oven cooking.  

When your oven heats up, it heats the air and cooks your food – simple, right? Well, if you’ve ever had a tray of half-burnt, half-undercooked oven chips, you’ll know this isn’t always true. That’s because conventional ovens tend to radiate heat from just the top or bottom – heating from one source alone means hot spots are created, and some parts of your food are cooked more than others. This is one obvious con of conventional ovens.

What makes the convection model different to the conventional is the circulation of hot air. This is done simply and effectively with a good ol’ fan; it is the fan used in a convection oven which makes it unique when compared with a conventional model. The fan circulates the air meaning your food will be cooked evenly. Hurrah, no more half-baked cookies for you!

Cooking with convection also means cooking with less heat and for less time. Because your food is cooked evenly, the oven doesn’t need to be as hot to cook all of it – so your food will be out of the oven and into your belly faster. While the speed difference isn’t huge, roughly 30% quicker, over the course of every meal you make it means a lot less time waiting for dinner.

Of course, nothing is perfect (not even convection ovens) and there are reasons why some people chose to stick with their conventional cooker. In general, convection models will be better at heating multiple foods at once, but if you overcrowd the oven you’ll probably be in for a raw deal. An oven pile up blocks the air circulation resulting in an unheated feast.

 Convection cookers might also be less popular with grandmas. Why? Because they hate casseroles. No, it’s not a personal preference, convection ovens – unlike conventional types – just aren’t very good with deep dishes. Baking trays will work best in a convection oven, whereas conventional ovens are a safer bet for anything in a deeper dish.  

The good news is, whatever your oven type we have the parts to make it cook to perfection. Or, if you’re looking to replace your oven or cooker our supplier Kitchen Economy have a number of quality ovens to match your needs – that’s whether you’re seeking a convection oven OR a conventional one. As always, if you have any questions, our staff can help!

There's one fruit that is more associated to summer than any over and that is Watermelon! There's nothing we enjoy more than relaxing in the sun snacking on the delicious, refreshing, goodness that is a slice of watermelon. And because we love watermelon so much here at Cooker Spare Parts, we thought we'd expand our obsession with the summer fruit even further and share these alternative watermelon treats with you. From salads to salsa, we've listed plenty of great recipes that you must try out this summer!

There's nothing that excites us more than seeing food stacked - yes, we know, we're strange but this stacked watermelon treat is something that we guarantee you'll love! We know what you're thinking, "cheese and watermelon, there's no way that will work", but you're wrong! This delectable treat is really simple to make, just alternatively skewer the ingredients and voila, you have an unusual watermelon snack that you wish you hadn't waited this long to try! 


Its summer and you know what that means, it's salad season! We could complete this list without including a salad but this isn't just your regular, ordinary salad. This salad is far more exciting than you're regular bowl of greens and is the perfect, cool, refreshing combo for the warm evenings of summer!


Watermelon in a cake, have we gone mad?!
As unusual as it sounds, this combination actually does work and tastes fantastic. If you're looking for a slightly healthier cake to enjoy this summer, then this cake is perfect for you! Enjoy the look of shock on all your guests face as you cut into this cake, priceless!

Please note: This recipe requires a large watermelon or two medium sized ones, but there's nothing wrong with having plenty of watermelon. 


Ice Lollies are the perfect way to cool down in the summer, and these refreshing beauties feature a combination of the ultimate summer fruits, strawberries and Watermelon! There's nothing more perfect for summer than these delicious iced treats and you'll be happy to know that they're really simple to make! 


Looking for the perfect sweet and spicy salsa, then look no further than this Watermelon salsa. This delicious, unusual salsa, mixes chilli, onion, watermelon and balsamic vinegar and although it may sound like we've gone mad, believe us, you'll love it! 

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We all know that Mondays can be pretty hard going, whether you're heading back to the office, or you're preparing for the start of a very trying week at home with the kids. Although Monday can sometimes seem like a return to the mundane and routine, the first day of the week can also be seen as a day of new beginnings; which is how we like to look at it here at Cooker Spare Parts!

To help you get through Monday and the rest of the week, we've put together some fun food ideas for you to try out. Whatever your age or tastes, one of these creative and delicious recipes is sure to spark your imagination. In addition to having an interesting twist, all of the recipes we've collected are also super easy to make, so there's no need to worry about stressing yourself out with the rest of the week ahead!

 Palak Phulka - Indian Rotis With Spinach

No dish could brighten up our week quite like a homemade curry, and adding some delicious, healthy sides are the perfect way to give yourself the restaurant experience at home, without any great expense or effort! We love this recipe for flame baked phulkas, which also sneak in a much needed dose of vitamins and minerals, thanks to the addition of miracle-food spinach into the mix! We think that this tasty recipe is the perfect pick-me-up at the start of the week, not only thanks to its boost of super food ingredients, but also thanks to its vibrant green colour. Find out how to make your own colourful sides over on Sandhya's Kitchen.

Mini Pancake Muffins 

Things are always more fun when they're made in miniature form, and that is certainly true of the these tasty Mini Pancake Muffins! Ideal for making with kids, these tiny little mouthfuls of fluffy goodness can be customised to add in your favourite ingredients, so that you'll never get bored of making the same flavour combination over and over. It's definitely a great way to add some fuss-free baking into your weekly routine, and it's also a perfect idea for making a grab-and-go breakfast to last throughout the week. Find the full recipe and details over at Crunchy Cream Sweet.

Buffalo Chicken Pastry Ring 

Your shop-bought pastry dishes may cut a few corners here and there, but that doesn't mean that they have to be boring! This tasty buffalo chicken dish is a great way to liven up a typical chicken pie or pasty, by given the filling an added kick, and upping the skill level on the presentation side of things too! While it may look rather fancy upon completion, we can promise you that this is exceedingly quick and easy to make, particularly if you're using pre-cooked chicken for the filling. If you fancy giving this a go, you can find this tasty family recipe over at

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Looking for some fun meal ideas for the weekend? Here's a perfect selection of fun meals to add a little excitement to your dining table! 

Everybody loves tortilla wraps, but as much as they taste great, they can look a bit drab and boring at times. So, add a little colour to your dinner plate with these Rainbow Tortilla Wraps! There's no meat included, so they're perfect for vegetarians and with no cooking needed, they're perfect if you're looking for a quick healthy meal! 
You can find the recipe here.

Looking for a new, interesting and fun way to serve your spuds? These Volcano Potatoes are perfect! Stuffed and wrapped with bacon, these potatoes are a fun addition to your dinner plate. Watch as the lava (barbecue sauce) erupts out when you cut into them, kids and adults will love them! 
You can find the recipe here.

Regular pizza is great and all but there's something fun and quirky about them when the size has been shrunk. These Mini Pizza bites are perfect as a quick meal and you can top them with anything, just like a normal pizza! Obviously top them with something tasty and edible!
For the recipe click here.

If you're a vegetarian and you're looking for a cool shepherd's pie recipe then this recipe is perfect for you! We love the idea of a shepherd's pie inside of a potato and we're sure you will to! 
Find out how to prepare it here.

These Hash Brown Cups are a great, quick, fun veggie meal and is perfect way to use any leftover veg. But, these hash brown aren't just exclusive to vegetarians, you can also add bacon and make them extra tasty! 
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