Here at Cooker Spare Parts we have a brilliant selection of replacement parts for your gas hob, and in particular an excellent selection of Replacement Hob Burner Caps.
Gas burner caps help protect the body of the burner as well as gathering heat to help you cook your meals. One major issue with hob burner caps is that they often suffer with corrosion due to the fact they're always in contact with direct heat, and this will affect how they function, as well giving your hob a run-down appearance.

Thankfully we have a fantastic selection of replacement hob burner caps for you to choose from that will have your hob looking as good as new, and will also have your hob functioning efficiently once again. No matter which brand your appliance is manufactured by, or which cooker model you own, we're confident you'll be able to find hob burner cap that is compatible with your appliance.

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Before purchasing, we always recommend that you check to see if the part is compatible with your appliance. You can do this by selecting the manufacturer, and entering the model number of your appliance in to our search filters. 

If you want to get in touch to ask any questions, please do not be afraid to give us a call on 02920 452 510 - we'd be happy to answer any of your questions, and assist you with purchasing your new cooker spare.
Without its element, your fan oven will not produce any heat, making your fan oven pretty much useless. You'll be able to tell if your fan oven element is faulty if it has any bright spots and/or patches on it. Bulging is another good indication that your element has become faulty.

If your fan oven element has become faulty, or has blown, there's no need to stress and purchase a new oven in a panic - we have superb selection of replacement fan oven elements, that we're confident will have your cooker producing heat and cooking your meal quicker than ever before!

Now that you've purchased an excellent replacement fan oven element, you're next task is to install it. Now for some this may not be an easy task, but that is why we have created this handy step-by-step guide, to help you replace your old fan oven element, and fit your new element without any issues.

How to Remove Your Fan Oven Element 

Safety Notice: Before starting any work, please ensure that your oven is switched off on the wall.

  1. Remove the oven door and shelves; this will make it easier for you to access the element. To remove door, simply open the latches; close the door and lift it out - be careful not to drop the door on your oven, as you do not want to have to replace that as well.
  2. Remove the front panel that protects the fan and element. Remove the screws holding it in place - but be careful not to lose them!
  3. Remove the faulty oven element. It is held together by 3 screws, remove these and take out the element. There will be wires attached to the element; we'll tell you what to do with these in the next step.
    IMPORTANT NOTICE: Before following the next step, please take note of the order these wires. We recommend taking a photo of them before you pull them out.
  4. Remove the wires from the element. These wires are attached by spade connectors, and all you have to do to remove them is carefully pull them out.
  5. And there you go; you've just removed the element from your oven! Now it's time to fit your new element! 

How to Replace Your Fan Oven Element 

  1. Connect the wires to your new element. Using the photo you took as a reference; re-attach the wires to your new element in the correct order.
  2. Screw the element and front panel back in place with the correct screws.
  3. Place the shelves back into the oven and re-attach the door. Place the oven door back onto the hinges, close the latches and close the door.
  4. Congratulations, you've just removed and replace your fan oven element!
If you're having trouble with any of the steps, please do not hesitate to contact one of the cooker experts that make up our customer service team by calling 02920 452 510 - they'd be happy to assist you!
Hotpoint Oven Problems
As one of the most trusted cooker brands in the UK, you will find Hotpoint cookers in many homes across Britain. However, this doesn't stop them from having the occasional issue. Hotpoint oven problems are as common as any other brand, and many of them are easily rectified.

Here's a look at the most common Hotpoint oven problems.

Hotpoint Oven Not Heating Up

This is a common oven problem overall and not just specific to Hotpoint ovens. However, if you do have this Hotpoint oven problem, the issue could lie with your heating element. 
If your heating element is broken, this will not allow your oven to heat up. To check if your this is the problem with your Hotpoint oven, just turn the oven on and see if the element turns red. If it does not, this is why your oven is not heating up.
If the element is okay, the issue could be to do with the wiring or the selector switch. In this case, we would recommend speaking with a professional.

Hotpoint Oven Clock Broken

If the problem you have with your Hotpoint oven is to do with the oven clock, you may have found it is difficult to keep track of your food cooking. 
You will know if your Hotpoint oven clock is broken if the oven heats up but the display does not switch on. But worry not - you can buy replacement oven clocks which will make your oven as good as new. 

Hotpoint Oven Burning/Undercooking Food

If your Hotpoint oven problem entails the cooker burning or undercooking food, this could mean your cookers thermostat is broken. The thermostat on the cooker regulates the temperature in the oven, but if this is broken, the Hotpoint oven will not be able to maintain the right temperature. 
This can lead to food burning or undercooking, which could be a potentially dangerous situation. Luckily though, Hotpoint oven thermostats can be replaced without the need to buy a new cooker. 
If you find yourself having any other Hotpoint oven problems, browse the replacement parts on our website or get in touch on 02920 452 510
It’s no secret that most of us would be far more concerned about what goes on in the oven than the door itself. However, when your oven door starts to become faulty you'll suddenly realise what an important component of the oven it is. There are a few things that can go wrong with your oven door, but luckily we have plenty of oven door spares available. 

To view our full collection of oven door spare parts click here, or to find out more about the specific oven door spares we supply, read below:

door handle

Over time your oven door handle can become weak and loose. It’s not an oven part that gets a lot of TLC, and overuse and forceful pulling may mean that your oven is in need of a replacement oven door handle. 

oven glass

Like all glass, your oven door glass is capable of smashing and cracking. Not only does this make it difficult to see what’s going on inside your oven from the outside, it also allows the heat to escape. Both of these problems mean that broken oven glass needs replacing.

oven seal
This is another component of your oven that is sometimes overlooked, but the seal is actually responsible for keeping the heat in your oven from escaping. Without your seal, your oven will take longer to heat up and use more power to keep warm which can affect your energy bills. We have plenty of different door seals on offer to fix this problem.

oven hinge

If your oven door isn’t closing properly it’s most likely an issue with either the door hinges or the catch. If either of these is faulty the door may not hang right on the oven which lets heat escape. Faults can happen when the oven door is opened or closed too forcefully, which is all too common! We have a range of replacements for each. 

When making an order for you oven door spare make sure the product you’re purchasing is compatible with your oven. All products have an oven model listing to explain which replacements are suitable for your appliance. If you have any questions about your cooker spare parts, feel free to call us on 02920 452 510

oven parts
Most of us use our ovens almost every day, an integral part of any kitchen but an appliance you may not fully understand. When something goes wrong with your oven it may seem daunting to consider repairing it yourself, but it doesn’t need to be that difficult!

Here at Cooker Spare Parts we have a range of replacement parts, so no matter what goes wrong with your oven, we have the part that will get it up and running again. We thought it may help to get a better understanding of the important oven parts, so here’s a brief guide about which part does what:

Oven Door

Not a tricky one to understand, but you probably wouldn't give your oven door a second thought unless it becomes faulty. Over time an oven door can become loose, or the glass may get damaged. This isn't a reason to replace your whole appliance, we have a range of replacement doors, handles, and seals

Oven Element

This is the part of the oven that heats up your food. It allows the heat to be evenly distributed around the oven cavity. If it's faulty your oven is basically useless - a burned out oven element can't be repaired, but luckily we have a huge range of replacement oven elements here

Oven Fan

We supply two types of replacement oven fans, the ones which evenly spread hot air around the oven and those that cool it down. Both are very important for your appliance to function correctly. If you have a fault with yours you can find a replacement here. 

Thermostats and Regulators

This part lets you control the temperature of your oven - very important to get your meals cooking correctly. When one of these is damaged your oven won't be able to get hot or will become far too hot - either way, a massive pain! To replace a thermostat or regulator, click here

With the selection of oven parts we have on offer we know it may be overwhelming to pick the right part for your oven. Be sure to read our product descriptions carefully to make sure they are compatible with your oven model. If you need any other advice about your replacement parts then feel free to get in touch, call us on 02920 452 510.