If you own a fan oven, you will appreciate how important the oven fan motor is when it comes to keeping your oven cavity well ventilated.

You may not be able to see the inner workings of your fan oven, but the oven motor that circulates the warm air is more important than you think! So if you have a noisy fan oven and are wondering what is wrong with it, the chances are that you will need to replace the oven motor.

If the fan in your oven isn't working properly, there is a danger of your appliance overheating. This is not only bad for the oven, but it may also cause damage to other important parts of your cooker, such as the fan oven element. If the oven motor isn't distributing the warm air around the cavity, the fan oven element could burn out, which will have a major impact on how you cook your food.

So if you have been experiencing problems with the oven fan that is currently attached to your cooker, visit the motors and fans section of our website to see the full range of fan oven motors that we stock!