If your faithful Hotpoint EG1000EX has broken down, there's no need to replace it with a newer model, there's a much simpler, cheaper alternative. We have a superb range of Hotpoint EG1000EX replacement parts here at Cooker Spare Parts, whatever the problem may be with your cooker, we have a part to solve the issue! 

Loss of heat? 

If your cooker is no longer cooking your food as good as it used to, or you've lost heat completely, maybe it's time your replace your element. We sell a range of Oven and Grill Elements that are worth taking a look at!

Looking for Glass for your Oven Door? 

Has your inner door glass been scratched or broken? This heat reflective inner door glass is a genuine spare part, and it will ensure your cooker looks as good as new.

Bring the spark back to you cooker!

An ignition switch is vitally important to your cooker, without it, your cooker would not be able to power up! So if the one currently fitted to your cooker becomes faulty, we highly suggest you replace it with this Spark Ignition Switch.

Let there be light!

If the oven lamp has gone out in your cooker, then visibility may be poor, making it difficult to see if your food has been cooked. Bring the light back to your cooker with this replacement lamp

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Creda EDCS51 Parts

Is your cooker a Creda EDCS51? Though now discontinued, this model was very popular for a time, and as a result there are still many in use today.

If your trusty old EDCS51 has stopped working, don't scrap it for a new model just yet - there may be a far simpler, more cost-effective solution. We stock a superb assortment of Creda EDCS51 spares here at Cooker Spare Parts; in fact, we think we've got a part for practically any problem you might be experiencing!

Broken Thermostat?

Creda EDCS51 Thermostat
Your oven's thermostat ensures that your food is cooked at the correct temperature. If your Creda EDCS51 needs a new thermostat, the Indesit KP100CX Oven Thermostat - a genuine manufacturer's part - will fit perfectly.

Lights Gone Out?

Creda EDCS51 Light Bulb

This 15W Oven Lamp is a cost-effective replacement part that will brighten up your oven once again.

Need a New Element?

Creda EDCS51 Elements

We have a range of elements for the Creda EDCS51, including both oven elements and grill elements.

Looking for a Door Seal?

Creda EDCS51 Door Seal

Every oven needs a door seal to prevent heat from escaping. If you need to reseal your Creda oven, look no further than this genuine oven seal replacement.

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Your oven door isn't the only thing on your cooker that requires a seal, your cooker's hobs and the glass in your oven door also require a seal to function properly. If the seal around these parts of your cooker have started to wear away or become loose, it's vitally important that you replace them, to ensure that your cooker continues to perform to the best of its capabilities. Lucky for you, finding a replacement is easy, thanks to our fantastic range of replacement seals.
This foam sealing strip is 2.5m long and is a high quality replacement part for your cooker. If you're looking for a replacement seal for your hob this is perfect! It's really simple to fit and at £3.98 (price at the time of writing), its superb value! It's compatible with a range of branded models and once fitted; your hob will be fully protected. 

If your Oven Glass Seal has started to wear away or has become loose, you could be losing valuable heat, which is a major issue! Having a faulty oven glass seal could lead to longer cooking times, so to prevent this from happening, we have the perfect replacement! This Oven Glass seal is a genuine spare part for the ceramic glass on your cooker. To fit, just remove the current seal fitted on your cooker and replace this seal in its place. This seal fits a range of cookers, but please check that this part is compatible with your cooker before purchasing.

If you're hob requires a Mastic sealant then this Mastic Sealing Strip is perfect for you! This sealing strip is a genuine spare part for your cooker and once attached, it will securely seal around the edge of your hob. It's really simple, and for just £4.99, this replacement part is a bargain! It's compatible with a range of cooker models but please check that this part will fit your appliance, by entering both the manufacturer and model number of your cooker, in to the search filters on our homepage. 

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Your cooker is the heart and soul of the kitchen, so it can be quite frustrating when it starts to become faulty. But, why spend a loud of money on a replacement cooker, when you can repair the fault on your cooker for a fraction of the price? Here at Cooker Spare Parts we stock an abundance of fantastic replacement parts, at affordable prices. So if your Cannon 10450G cooker does unfortunately start to become faulty, we have the perfect replacement parts to restore it to full working order, at a low price!  

Here are some of the replacement parts we stock for Cannon 10450G cookers: 

It may only seem like a thin trim of rubber but it is amazing how much of a difference a good seal can make to your cooker. It helps to contain the heat inside your cooker, ensuring your food is cooked as quickly as possible. This will also keep your gas/electricity bills reasonably low, which is always a bonus

A fan oven provides you with a better circulation of air inside your oven cavity, meaning the cooking process is more thorough. However, if the fan oven element inside your cooker is faulty, you're fan oven may not be performing to it's the best of its capabilities. This particular replacement fan oven element has a 1600W power output, so you're certainly going to notice the improvement in your cookers performance, once it's fitted.

If the hobs on your cooker are taking too long to heat up or they're not heating up at all, there could be a problem with your Energy Regulator. An energy regulator is responsible for controlling the temperature of your burner or ring. If there is a problem with the current regulator fitted to your cooker, it'll be extremely difficult to use your stove, so we highly suggest that you replace it as soon as it show signs of becoming faulty. 

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 Fan Oven is Not Heating Up

In most cases, if your fan oven is not heating up the problem will turn out to be that your fan oven element is faulty. However, instead of replacing the entire cooker, you can easily replace the oven element and save yourself a bit of money - which is always a good thing!

Unless you're a big fan of salad and breakfast cereal, you probably rely quite heavily on your cooker when preparing meals at home. So, if you start to notice that your fan oven is struggling to heat up (or not heating up at all), it's important to get this issue sorted.


How to tell if your oven element has failed

It can often be hard to tell whether or not there is a problem with your oven element. Your fan oven may appear to be working normally - that is, the fan may be functioning and the light inside the oven may be on - and yet, when you remove your food from the oven, you notice that your food hasn't cooked properly. Perhaps it's because the oven didn't quite reach the temperature you asked for, or perhaps it simply failed to heat up whatsoever.

Sometimes, you'll be able to know that there is a fault with your element just by looking at it. Any burns or bulging of the element will be enough to confirm that you need to fit a new element. However, sometimes you'll need to replace it even if these visible symptoms are absent.

Time to get a replacement!

Once you've figured out that it's the fan oven element causing you issues, you'll need to order a replacement element in order to rectify the problem. We at Cooker Spare Parts have an abundance of top-quality replacements that will return your cooker back to its glory days in no time.

To find the replacement part that is suitable for you, return to our homepage and enter both the manufacturer and the model number of your cooker into the search filters near the top of the page. Once you've entered your model details, a list of parts will appear that are compatible with your cooker. To refine your search, click on the part type drop-down menu and select oven elements; you will then be shown a list of oven elements that are compatible with your cooker. Once you've located the element right for you, all that will be left for you to do is purchase your part and fit it to your cooker.

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If you have any problems or questions regarding your fan oven not heating up or any other issues, feel free to contact us today - our team of cooker part experts will be more than happy to solve any issue you have.