Getting the time right when cooking food is an integral part of the process. Too long can mean burnt or hard food, too little can mean uncooked, potentially dangerous food. It is usual to use your oven clock to measure precisely how long your food has been in the oven which is why, if you find your Zanussi Oven clock is no longer working, it can be a difficult thing to adjust to.

If you've been struggling with this problem, you'll be happy to know that we stock plenty of Zanussi oven clock replacements here at Cooker Spare Parts. That's right, it's not just the oven elements we can help you with! We know that every part of the cooker is important, so if your Zanussi oven clock is not working, we're here to fix that. 

To see which oven clock suits you best, here are some of the Zanussi oven clock replacements we have in stock. 

3 Button Oven Clock and Timer

3 Buttons
Genuine Part
Suitable for Zanussi Ovens

Electric Oven Timer

Genuine Part
Suitable for Electric Ovens

Electronic Zanussi Oven Timer

Genuine Part
Suitable for Electric Oven

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AEG Oven Repairs

Established all the way back in 1883, German company AEG (short for Allgemeine Elektricitäts-Gesellschaft - no wonder they decided to just use the initials!) have long been a leading light in the European appliance industry. Founder Emil Rathenau got his start selling light bulbs and generator, but nowadays the company produces all sorts of home appliances, including washing machines, vacuum cleaners, and of course cookers.

Of course, if you're reading this, you're probably not here to learn about the history of the company that made your oven - you're here because that oven isn't working properly and you're wondering "How do I fix my AEG Appliance?". Described below are a few common cooker problems that may be the cause of your AEG oven angst; if your specific issue isn't addressed here, please feel free to contact the Cooker Spare Parts team and we'll be happy to advise you.

Oven won't heat up, what can I do?

If your AEG oven isn't warming up at all, the problem may well be the element. This is the coil that actually heats up when the oven is switched up, but if it is damaged or faulty, it might not be doing its job properly.

Solution: Buy a new oven element and refer to our how-to guide when replacing the old one.

Why is my oven the wrong temperature?

Perhaps your oven is overshooting the temperature you set and burning your food, or maybe it's not getting hot enough and your meals keep coming out underdone. Either way, the culprit is most likely your AEG oven's thermostat - this is the part that measures the temperature in the oven and tells the element to stop heating up once your specified temperature has been achieved.

Solution: Browse our range of AEG oven thermostats and order a new one to fit your model.

Door won't shut properly, how do I fix it?

When cooking, it's vitally important to ensure that your oven door is properly closed. Leaving the door open even a little will allow heat to escape from the oven cavity, wasting energy and prolonging your meal's required cooking period. If your door won't close properly - and this may happen for a number of reasons - it's a good idea to fix the problem ASAP.

Solution: Check your oven's door hinges and replace if necessary. Also, inspect your oven door seal to ensure that it is completely intact. You may even have to replace the oven door itself if substantial damage has occurred.

Links you may find useful:

If you're still wondering how to fix your AEG appliance, we will be happy to help. Call our team of experts on 02920 452 510, and we will do everything we can to help!
universal oven element

If your oven is failing to heat up your meals, it's doing a pretty lousy job at being an oven! If both the oven and the grill aren’t heating up it’s likely that it’s your oven element causing the problems. The oven element is the part of the oven that is responsible for getting your oven hot, so if your meals aren’t up to scratch, maybe this is why (it would be a nice excuse for bad food anyway).

What you need to fix this problem is a Universal Oven Element. The Dual Top Oven Element is a genuine manufacturer’s part that will perfectly replace your faulty element! To kick start up your oven’s heating capabilities, this universal oven element has a 2800W dual output (2250W and 550W) and is suitable for AristonHotpoint and Indesit cookers.  

A faulty element is usually clear from any burns or bulges, so look out for this when trying to work out why your oven isn't fully functioning. 

If you need help replacing your universal oven element, check out this blog post for more information on how to change it.

If your cooker is giving you any problems we are happy to help you find replacement parts! If you need any advice on what part you may need, feel free to give our friendly team a call on, 02920 452 510

If the electric oven that you use to cook your meals has stopped working, there are a number of possible reasons why. So you know you need to make some electric oven repairs, but which?
Most of the things that often go wrong with electric ovens are relatively easy to fix, so don't start worrying about how you're going to afford a new cooker just yet - first, have a read of this guide to common electric oven repairs and see if you might be able to correct the issue yourself.
Electric Oven
Image courtesy of Kitchen Economy
SAFETY FIRST! Before attempting any electric oven repairs, be sure to switch off and unplug the appliance. Never work on an electrical appliance that is still connected to the mains. If in doubt, don't risk damaging your oven and/or harming yourself - call in a professional.

Oven element

Problem: The oven is not heating up because the element (the bit that actually gets hot when you switch the oven on) isn't working.
Solution: This electric oven repair is fairly common, to fix it order a new oven element for your appliance and use this to replace the faulty element.


Problem: Your oven's thermostat - which measures the heat inside the oven and switches off the element once the desired temperate has been reached - is not working properly. As a result, your oven is not getting hot enough, getting too hot, or failing to heat up at all.
Solution: Purchase a replacement thermostat for your electric oven and replace the one that isn't working.

Terminal block

Problem: Your appliance is plugged in and switched on at the wall, but no electricity is reaching the oven and it won't turn on at all.
Solution: You may need to replace your cooker's terminal block so that electricity can reach the appliance itself.

Oven fan

Problem: The fan inside your electric fan oven is not functioning properly. As a result, your food is cooking unevenly (this happens because the heat is not being distributed evenly around the oven by the fan).
Solution: Buy a new oven fan assembly and replace the faulty parts as necessary.

Oven door seal

Problem: Your oven is losing heat because the rubber door seal is broken or missing. As a result, the oven takes longer to heat up and uses more energy than necessary.
Solution: Order a new oven door seal and fit to the door.
Still struggling to identify what electric oven repairs you need to make? Get in touch with the Cooker Spare Parts team and we'll do our best to assist!
Even the best ovens can become faulty, and you may find that certain parts may need replacing if they are no longer fully functional. Here at Cooker Spare Parts, we have a huge selection of genuine and alternative replacement parts, so we can get your Beko oven back to heating up in no time!
beko oven not heating up
Firstly, it’s important to identify what model your Beko oven is, so we can find the best replacement part for whatever is faulty. You can then search for spare parts using the model code, or browse through the products linked below and check they are compatible with your model. 
Next, of course, you’ll need to figure out what is preventing your oven from heating up. There’s a couple of things that can cause this: 

Faulty Oven Elements

beko oven element
The oven element is directly responsible for the oven heating up, if it has become faulty you will no longer be able to heat up your food effectively. If your Beko oven is not heating up you should check to see if your element has any burns or bulges – clear indicators it’s no longer in prime condition. We have plenty of Beko oven elements to replace your faulty one – just click the link in the title. 

Broken Door Seal 


 Damaged Door Hinge

beko oven door hinge
Another way heat may be escaping from your oven is the oven door. If for any reason you door is not up to scratch, valuable heat can seep out, and this may mean your food is taking ages to heat up, or doesn’t seem to heat up at all. If your door is hanging incorrectly or won’t close, this may be solved by simply changing the hinge. If your door seal has become loose or damaged this may also allow heat to escape from your Beko oven - replace it to allow the oven to heat up efficiently again. 

Defective Thermostat

beko oven thermostat

Maybe your oven can heat up, but the issue is that it can no longer determine how hot it should be getting. This can happen when your thermostat becomes defective – it may cause your oven to under or overheat. Luckily, we have plenty of replacement thermostats for Beko ovens, so your oven will be able to regulate its heat once again.
If your Beko oven is faulty for any other reason you may want to browse our full collection of replacement Beko oven parts. If for any reason you are still unsure about what you need, feel free to give us a call on 02920 452 510