New World cookers

New World is a proudly British appliance company, and their cookers are made to the highest of standards (as are their refrigerators, dishwashers, et cetera). Still, if it was possible to make a completely infallible cooker, we wouldn’t be here, and even New World appliances – with their outstanding quality and stiff upper lip – can break down on occasion.

If your New World cooker isn’t working properly, our sprawling collection of New World spares almost certainly contains the part that you’re missing. We sell spare parts for all types of New World cookers, including freestanding ovens like the New World ES50S and built-in appliances like the NW90G. Even the largest of New World cookers, such as the 55HLG, can be repaired with the help of Cooker Spare Parts.

If you can’t find the part you’re looking for, or if we don’t seem to have your New World model on our list, give us a call on 02920 451 222 and we’ll do our best to find a part that will do the job.