Here at Cooker Spare Parts we want to ensure that every cooker out there is looking its best! So, If the glass in your oven door is chipped or shattered, you can guarantee we have a replacement for you! You can't just leave it broken, valuable heat will escape and it also doesn't look great if your oven door glass is completely shattered! The product pictured above (TP023304) is an ultra-tough pane of glass and has a heat reflecting design which will keep the glass intact for a very long time! Good oven glass should be tough, heat resistant and reasonably thick to prevent heat loss. This oven door glass ticks all these boxes, making it the perfect replacement for your cooker! 

This Oven Door Glass is a genuine Indesit product, so you can rest assured you're getting a high quality replacement part. The TP023304 is compatible with the following Indesit cookers: 
  • Indesit FID20WH 
  • Indesit FID20IX 
  • Indesit KD6C7EW 
  • Indesit FIDM20IX 
  • Indesit KD6C8EW 
  • Indesit KD6C7EX 
  • Indesit KD643GX 
  • Indesit KD6C8EX 
  • Indesit KD6C0EW 
  • Indesit KD641EM 
  • Indesit FID20BK 
As well as fitting many other Indesit cookers, it's also compatible with certain Hotpoint, Creda, Cannon and Jackson cookers, making it incredibly versatile!  

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If you have a Hotpoint electric cooker and you're experiencing problems with the heating, the cause of your problem may be the thermostat. Thermostats are responsible for regulating the temperature in your cooker; when your oven element has reached the temperature you've specified, the thermostat will step in and tell the element to stop increasing the heat but if you're facing problems with your thermostat  your element will just continue warming up. 
This will cause your oven to overheat, burning your meals and possibly damaging the element itself. For this reason, it's vitally important to replace your thermostat as soon as possible if it's beginning to become faulty. 
Luckily for you that's something we can help you out with here at Cooker Spare Parts

The product pictured above (TP022548) is known as an Ego Oven Thermostat because that is the brand of the thermostat and is one of the many thermostats we sell here for electric Hotpoint cookers. It is a genuine part, so you can rest assured knowing you're receiving a high quality replacement part

The TP022548 is compatible with the following Hotpoint cookers: 

  • Hotpoint DCL08CB 
  • Hotpoint DBS539CXS 
  • Hotpoint UHA83CX 
  • Hotpoint UCL08CB 
  • Hotpoint DHS53XS 
  • Hotpoint UHS53XS 
  • Hotpoint UHS53XS 
  • Hotpoint DD53X 
  • Hotpoint UD53X 
  • Hotpoint DHS53CXS 
  • Hotpoint DH93CXS 
  • Hotpoint UH53KS 

Please not that this part is also compatible with a number of cookers from Indesit and Ariston. 

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