Its bank holiday weekend, and the weather outlook I fairly positive in most places here in the UK. Which can only mean one thing – it’s time to invite some of your friends over, crack open a cold beer, pull out the most embarrassing apron you have – yes It’s time to brush the dust off your trusted old Barbecue and cook up a feast.

Everyone knows that when you get invited to a barbecue you are going to have a meat overload – burnt burgers, sizzling sausages, kebab’s and maybe some fish – if your host is adventurous and maybe, although it is highly unlikely, some grilled vegetables. Leaving you feeling sluggish the next day and pretty guilty that you have just somehow ate your way through 3 hot-dogs, 5 burgers and 2 skewered kebabs, and drank a lot of beer. We have all been there.

So, with this in mind, why not surprise your guests this bank holiday and invite them over to an alternative barbecue, where there is not just meat on menu. Below we have shared our top 5 alternative barbecue recipes for you to enjoy this bank holiday:

Asparagus and Haloumi

If you really want to pull out all the stops and impress your friends with your Barbecue culinary skills, then this is the dish to do it with. This is truly a dish for a fine dining – backyard style, and best of all it is really simple to make.

Simply put the block of cheese and asparagus into a bowl, with oil and peppercorns, mix a drop of lemon juice, salt and parsley in a separate bowl, soak capers in water for 5 minutes then drain whilst cooking the asparagus on the BBQ for about 5 minutes and the cheese to the barbecue for 1 minute.

The pour over the dressing, scatter the capers and serve. 

Click here for the full recipe

Spiced Mushroom Burger

Have you invited an vegetarian to you barbecue and now regret it because you have no idea what to cook them? (Trust me this happened to me this weekend!!) Well instead of just buying vegetarian quorn burgers, why not get inventive?

This spiced mushroom burger will put you in any vegetarian/vegans good books (as long as you remember to cook it on a separate barbeque)

Click here to view the recipe. 

Tikka Skewers

Not all kebabs need to have meat on them, and these gorgeous tikka kebabs, are a proving point. 

These kebabs need a little bit of prep but don’t let this put you off!   

In a large bowl simply mix together tikka paste, yoghurt, cumin, ginger and seasoning. Boil potatoes for 7 minutes and then mix the tikka mixture with paneer and leave to marinate for 2 hours.  When you are ready to host your BBQ simply thread the marinated potatos, paneer, onions and peppers onto a skewer and add them to the Barbie.

Easy right?

To view the full recipe, click here

Stuffed Sweet Peppers 

These are a personal favourite. Stuffed sweet peppers are so easy to make, and so tasty (my mouth is watering just typing this!)

All you need is sweet peppers, olives, oregano, garlic, and mozzarella. But this is just a guide, you can stuff these peppers with anything you wish, cous cous works really well, along with quinoa, with mushrooms and tomatoes.

Why not lay out dishes filled with copped fillers and build these peppers with your children?

For a mouth-watering stuffed pepper recipe click here

Grilled vegetables with Romesco Pesto

For a simple side you could offer this delightful grilled vegetable dish. All you need is leeks, courgette, and aubergine. Grill the the vegetables for 8 – 10 minutes peel off the outside leaves and serve with a bowl of pesto on the side.


Click here to view recipe. 

We hope we have provided you with some inspiration for your bank holiday barbecue!

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We sell a hugely diverse range of cooker spares here at Cooker Spare Parts - we aim to have the right part for every problem, and that means stocking thousands of different parts for thousands of different appliances!

This does mean that navigating our website can seem like a slightly daunting task at first; in reality, though, it's as simple as can be! All you have to do is go to our homepage, type in your cooker's manufacturer (e.g. Hotpoint) and model number (e.g. DY46X), and select the item you need from our list of compatible parts.

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If you have an Indesit oven and you're experiencing problems with overheating, it may well be that you need to replace your appliance's thermostat. Thermostats are responsible for regulating oven temperature; when your oven element reaches the temperature you've specified, the thermostat is supposed to cut in and tell the element to stop getting hotter, but if your thermostat is broken then the element will continue to warm up.

This will cause your oven to overheat, burning your meals and quite possibly damaging the element itself. For this reason, it's important to replace a broken thermostat as soon as possible.

Fortunately, that's exactly the sort of thing we can help with here at Cooker Spare Parts!

Indesit oven thermostat

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Finding a nice place to eat that has a larger choice than a vegetarian burger and chips can be a challenge. I can be even more of a challenge if you are vegan! Today we have complied a list of the top vegetarian and vegan restaurants and café’s here in Cardiff. 

Anna Loka

Located in the heart of Roath, Cardiff, Anna Loka is a 100% vegan café that offers a wide range of delicious food. Specialising in making seasonal food, using fresh, organic, locally sourced ingredients you will find a large, varied menu, where the only difficulty a vegan is going to have, is deciding what you are going to eat! (we recommend the Beetroot & Artichoke hash or the Sunday nut roast!)

Anna Loka always has incredibly friendly staff, a lively atmosphere, and a huge variety of tea, making it the perfect place to meet up with your friends for lunch on a Saturday afternoon!

Click here to find out more.

Crumbs Kitchen

Crumbs kitchen is located in the Morgan Arcade right in the heart of Cardiff City Centre, making it the perfect stop if you are looking for a place to eat while out shopping. This cosy little café have a range of vegetarian and vegan options, we recommend the three bean chilli with brown rice or one of their fresh homemade soups!  If you fancy something a bit lighter than they have plenty of salad and sandwiches on offer too!

Like Anna Loka, Crumbs Kitchen has an abundance of tea on offer – which is a massive bonus in our books!

Want to find out more? Check out their website. 


Milgi has one one of the largest vegetarian and vegan menus available in Cardiff. Using fresh and nutritious ingredients Milgi produce a huge range of satisfying yet more-ish meals. Don’t know what to try? We recommend their Za’tar Cauliflower Tempura.

Not only do they make some of the best vegetarian food in Cardiff, they also send out recipes via email, provide foodie talks and even hold foraging walks! So if you fancy something a little bit different head on down to Milgi on City Road, Cardiff. 

Click here to visit Milgi's website

Falafel Kitchen

Falafel Kitchen is a nice little café located a short walk away from Cardiff’s gorgeous Roath Park. Even though they are not 100% Vegetarian (some of their food has chicken in it) Falafel Kitchen is worth a mention purely because of the quality of their falafels!

Offering a range of freshly cooked falafel’s served in a pita bread with houmous and a range of salad, Falafel kitchen is the perfect stop to pick up your lunch before spending a lazy summer afternoon in the park.

Be sure to get there in good time though as this little café closes at 3pm!  

Click here for more information. 


Atma is a wonderfully simple café ran by Hare Krishna monks. Located a short walk away from   Cardiff’s Central Market Atma is the perfect place to eat when you are out and about shopping with your friends at the weekend.

Atma offer a range of very reasonably priced, traditional indian, vegetarian and vegan dishes, as well as some of the best pies we have ever tasted. Try the Halloumi and spinach pie – you wont regret it!

If you are looking for a little bit more, Atma also offer Yoga classes along with a delicious vegetarian dinner!

Click here for more information

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Gas Cooker Hoses from Cooker Spare Parts

There are a number of different gas hoses on the market today, so when it comes to replacing your gas cooker hose, it can all seem rather overwhelming! In this blog post, we will aim to explain to you the different types of gas hose and what they are used for; hopefully, when you come to purchase your replacement gas cooker hose, you will be relatively confident that you have purchased the correct one.

What is a gas cooker hose?

a gas hose is a cylindrical tube that has been designed specifically for carrying gas from one location to another, with as little leakage as possible. Because gas is a very small particle it can leak out of the smallest gaps, so many gas cooker hoses have to be specifically constructed in such away they prevent gas leaks for many years. Many gas hoses are constructed from rubber and different kinds of plastic because these materials have been constructed in such away they are leak resistant. 

Over time gas pipes can become worn and start showing signs of wear and tear, it is then you will have to start thinking about purchasing and fitting a new gas cooker hose.

Different Types of Gas Hoses:

There are 5 types of gas cooker hoses, standard gas hose – natural gas, Standard gas hose – LPG, Microline or micropoint hoses – natural gas, Microline or micropoint hoses – LPG, and catering hoses in LPG and Natural gas.


There are 2 types of gas oven, a gas oven that runs off Natural gas (methane and ethane) and an oven that runs off LPG gas (propane and butane), and each oven requires different gas piping. Natural gas is lighter than LPG gas, so the gas hose has to be manufactured to different standards. Therefore it is important that when you are purchasing a new gas hose you are confident you have the correct one for your appliance. 

Standard Hoses - Natural Gas

If you have a natural gas oven, you will find that there are two different types of hose we stock. A straight bayonet hose, or an angled bayonet hose. These both have a plug-in bayonet socket and a 1/2” BSP tapered male threaded fitting at the other. If you are unsure which hose you need, simply look at the connection of your current Gas Cooker Hose to determine which would be most suitable.


The standard hoses that we supply are suitable for all cooker brands and models, and have been manufactured to BS 669-1:1989.


Straight bayonet hose

GFT 1101 - 3' straight bayonet hose


GFT 1112 - 4' straight bayonet hose

Angled Bayonet Hose

GFT 1137 - 3' angled bayonet hose


GFT 1137 - 4' angled bayonet hose 

Standard Hoses - LPG

If you are experiencing issues with your LPG gas cooker hose, then don’t worry, we have you covered. We stock a 4ft LPG straight bayonet hose, which has been manufactured to conform to BSI to EN 14800:2007 standards. Meaning that this universal replacement is meets the high standards of your original parts.

plug-in bayonet socket and a 1/2” BSP tapered male threaded fitting at the other.


Manufactured from stainless steel 316L corrugated, braided hose with a PVC cover. Hoses are manufactured, BSI approved and Kitemarked to BS EN 14800:2007 and have CE certification. 
Compatible with BS 669-1 design and EN 15069 approved sockets. All metal connecting ends enable hose to pass the high temperature test of BS EN 1775. 
EU manufactured. 
Max. working pressure : 0.5 bar. 
For ambient temperatures up to 60°C.

LPG Straight Bayonet Hose


GFT 1136 – 4’ straight bayonet hose


Microline or Micropoint Hoses –Natural Gas

It is very possible that your gas appliance has a smaller connection than standard. In fact this is quite common. These connections require a microline or a micropoint hose. Here at Cooker Spare Parts, we supply microline or micropoint hoses in 2 different sizes, 3 foot and 4 foot.

These hoses conform to BS 669-1:1989 standard, so when you purchase this gas cooker hose, you can be confident that you are getting the best quality. Click the links below for more information.



Natural Gas hoses produced to BS 669-1:1989. Right-angled plug in hose connection which keeps the hose close to the wall. Other end of hose is 1/2" BSP taper male. For ambient temperatures up to 70°C, and 95°C touch temperature. Manufactured in the UK


GCA 2001 -  3` x(3/8" bore) microhose angled connection


GCA 2001 - 4` x(3/8" bore) microhose angled connection


Catering hoses in LPG and Natural Gas

Here at Cooker Spares, we don’t only supply domestic gas cooker hoses, but we also supply restaurants and various catering companies with their gas hoses.

Our catering hoses feature a male to female connection and has a BSP measurement of ½” (or ¾” in the case of GFTC3901) and like all of our gas hoses, they have been produced to the meet the industry standard. This means that they are capable to withstand the daily and often harsh environments of the commercial kitchen.

Hoses are fully welded, corrugated stainless steel, catering gas hose assemblies, manufactured under rigorous controls to meet the requirements of gas supply for catering appliances using 1st, 2nd, 3rd family gases.

Hoses are supplied with a quick release valved coupler which cuts off the supply of gas when disconnected. This quick release coupler is to be installed in accordance with BS 6173 – 1990 standard on mobile catering units, with the restraining device supplied. The quick release caterquip assemblies are approved to BS 669 Part 2 : 1997.

The restraining device meets the required minimum tensile load specification as per BS 669 Part : 2 1997


To find out more about our range of catering hoses, click the links below. 


Replacing your Gas Cooker Hose

If you are not sure if your gas cooker hose is in need of replacing it may be a good idea to check. To do this, first make sure your gas supply is switched off at the mains.
Pull your cooker out and you will find a black tube attached to the back of your cooker. Have a look at the condition of the hose. If you see signs of damage or wear and tear then simply type in the manufacturer and model of your cooker into our search bar on the home page and we will return the parts that are suitable for your cooker.

If you have any questions about gas cooker hoses, or you are struggling to find the correct part for your cooker, then please don’t hesitate to contact us either by phoning 02920 452 510 or emailing us on where a member of our customer service team will be more than happy to assist you.