Summer means only one thing to us Brits - disappointment associated with the weather. But when we have gotten over the dreary drizzle that plagues our summer months, we always have at least a few days of sunshine, and when we do, it's time to get the barbecue out!

Everyone has their own little routines, tricks, and methods when it comes to preparing and executing their barbecue, but we'd like to offer 7 of our little tips that will ensure yours is a roaring success.

1. Preparation is key - marinade your meats and fish the day before for optimum flavour, and prepare your salads an hour or two before to ensure you're not pushed for time.

2. Variety is the spice of life - burgers and sausages are pretty standard, so why not try some more exciting options like prawn skewers, pork chops, or lamb koftas!

3. It's not all about meat and fish - why not try barbecuing vegetables like corn on the cob? The slightly charred effect of the corn really brings out that delicious flavour.

4. Don't rush things - if you are using charcoal wait till they turn white before you place any food on the grill; only then is the grill at the optimum heat for cooking your food on.

5. Don't cook cold meats - if you are going to be cooking meat, make sure you take it out of the fridge for about 20 minutes before you place it on the barbecue. You want your meat at room temperature to ensure an even level of heat penetrates it.

6. Try not to flip out - we know it is tempting to continually flip your meat on the barbecue but try to refrain. It takes time for that desired char to develop on your food, and flipping only interrupts this.

7. Let it rest - this rule always applies when you are cooking meat and with barbecued meat it's no different. Give your meats ample time to rest after cooking to ensure the juices settle, and the meat itself is as tender as possible.