Where do you start with pizza? Here in Britain it is one of our favourite takeaways and these days you are virtually guaranteed to find a pizza suitable for you in a supermarket or restaurant no matter where you go! People have even gone a bit crazy serving pizzas with a chocolate base rather than the conventional tomato base!

Below, we have chosen a good range of pizzas that we believe everyone can relate to, so if you aren’t feeling too hungry, take a look at our favourite pizzas!

Gluten Free Pizza

This gluten free pizza from Jamie Oliver is a revelation! It is just how a pizza should be, rustic and it does the basics well. With just buffalo mozzarella and tomato making up the topping, the gluten-free base is perfect for a pizza, as it goes deliciously crispy when cooked, perfect! If you want to try this at home, take a look at the full recipe here!

Deep Dish Pepperoni Pizza

Pepperoni pizza is perhaps one of the most popular pizza choices in the world, and looking at that fantastic photo above, it is not hard to see why!

This deep dish pepperoni pizza is, in our opinion, the best base for a pizza as you get a fantastic thick piece of dough topped with melted cheese and pepperoni. See the full recipe on the My Recipes page here.

Sicilian Pizza

If you haven’t tried a Sicilian pizza, you really must and this recipe from BBC Good Food is a great way to try making it yourself at home.

Again similar to the deep dish pepperoni pizza we have featured; this Sicilian pizza also comes with a thick base and the topping provides a twist on your normal pizza, as it comes with breadcrumbs and crumbled sausage. It is traditionally referred to as sfincione in Sicily and is simply delicious; there is no other way to put it!

The pizza itself is different from many readily available pizzas in supermarkets and restaurants and it is delicious! For that reason, we have included it in our list of favourite pizzas. Take a sneak peek at the recipe on the BBC Good Food website!

Here at Cooker Spare Parts, we have a fantastic range of spare parts for your gas cooker, and we like to think we can be relied on to find the perfect spare part to get your appliance back to full working order as quickly as possible.

There are many more parts inside your cooker than you even begin to imagine! To ensure your cooker is working properly, all of these parts must be fully functioning to allow you to cook with no interruptions and perhaps more importantly, cook with no safety issues. Below we will discuss what a flame failure device and thermocouples do when they are attached to your cooker, and why they are so important in allowing you to use your gas cooker safely?

So what do both parts do when they are attached to your cooker, and why are they important? Let’s start with the flame failure device or as it is also commonly referred to, the FFD. A flame failure device is responsible for shutting off the gas supply in your cooker if the flame is extinguished for any reason. So the reasons why it is an important safety mechanism are very clear, as it ensures the gas supply in your appliance is cut off safely when the flame is extinguished.

Now let’s move on to a thermocouple. Again it performs a similar function to an FFD, but in a slightly different way. The thermocouple on your gas cooker is responsible for closing the gas valve to help prevent gas leaks. So you can agree that both parts are an important in terms of keeping you and your appliance safe, whether it is being used or not.

If you have any doubts over the functionality of either your flame failure device or thermocouple, simply visit the FFD and Thermocouples section of our website here to browse our vast range of gas cooker spares!

In the summer months, people tend to like eating lighter foods due to the warmer weather, although there isn’t much sign of that in Britain at the moment! So to get around the issue, people tend to use the hob to help keep the kitchen that bit cooler and perhaps more importantly, keeping themselves cooler when the warmer weather arrives. You may think that using just the hob will limit the meals you can make, but you can make a variety of delicious meals. Perhaps a stir fry is a popular choice in your household, or maybe a delicious pasta dish with a rich tomato sauce is perfect for a summer evening.

So we have established that you don’t need to limit your cooking if you decide to use more of your hob this summer, but if there is part of your hob that you have been meaning to replace for a while and simply haven’t got around to it, you shouldn’t put it off any longer as it could cause further damage to your hob.

Whether you have an electric hob that uses solid hotplates, a gas hob that uses burners, or a ceramic hob that needs a new hob ring, we have a fantastic range of cooker spare parts here for you to choose from.