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As the company’s name would suggest, Rangemaster specialise in range cookers. Their maxim is that the oven should be at the very heart of the kitchen, if not of the home in general, and they believe that free-standing range cookers are a far better option than smaller, built-in ovens.

Rangemaster cookers come from the same company as the legendary AGA stoves, known for their continuous burners and nigh-indestructible cast iron bodies. While Rangemaster cookers are slightly more ordinary than their iconic cousins, they still epitomise the values of the AGA, and Rangemaster’s products are the very zenith of luxurious family cooking.

A cooker as fully-realised as a Rangemaster should last for the best part of a lifetime, so if yours ever breaks down, bear in mind that we’ve got a whole host of Rangemaster spares that will allow you to repair it.

Light bulbs aren’t as crucial as elements, thermostats and the like – after all, your food can’t tell whether or not it’s being cooked in the dark – but if your oven bulb has burned out, it’s still a good idea to replace it. A working light is particularly handy if you’re baking a cake and you want to see if it’s ready without opening the oven door and risking cake deflation!

The thing about oven bulbs (as opposed to normal light bulbs) is that they’re specifically designed to stand the heat in your cooker. The reading light on your bedside table isn’t capable of coping with high temperatures or food splatter; some discussions on the internet suggest that regular bulbs shatter instantly upon contact with liquid, so ideal for the oven they ain’t!

Fortunately, our oven bulbs section is chock-full of proper cooker lights that will work perfectly well in your oven or microwave. Don’t keep your dinner in the dark – grab a new bulb today, and get your oven glowing again!

When you go to a restaurant, you want a meal that's worth what you pay for it. Quality is crucial, of course, but it seems like a lot of restaurants have forgotten the importance of generous portions. No matter how good your grub is, we'll always be disappointed if you haven't given us enough of it!

Today, then, we're going to champion five local eateries that get an A* for quantity as well as for quality. If you're ever hungry in Cardiff, we recommend making a beeline for one of the following establishments...

  1. Ramon's (Salisbury Road, Cathays)
    Salisbury Road, a notorious student hotspot located mere paces from the centre of town, is home to several fine cafés, but if you’re really hungry then Ramon’s is the only option. It’s here that you’ll find the alleged ‘Biggest Breakfast in the UK’ - at a whopping eight thousand calories, it’s not so much Man vs. Food as Man vs. his own common sense. If you’re not quite that hungry, they also do a more sensibly-sized breakfast that will still fill you up nicely.

  2. Zizzi (High Street, Central Cardiff)
    Zizzi is a contemporary Italian ristorante that’s great for lunch or dinner. With its traditional dishes and friendly atmosphere, it’s classy, but not intimidatingly so. All of Zizzi’s meals are reasonably well-proportioned, but if your stomach is really growling, proceed straight to their signature dish, the Rustica pizza. ‘Rustica’, of course, is Italian for ‘wow, that’s bigger than I expected it to be’.

  3. Crumbs (Morgan Arcade, Central Cardiff)
    Tucked away in one of Cardiff’s many arcades, Crumbs has a (wholly justified) reputation for being one of the best vegetarian food joints in South Wales. The kitchen’s most popular offering is the infamous vegetarian salad bowl, a big wooden bowl filled to the brim with all manner of veggie goodness. Go here for lunch when you get sick of shopping.

  4. Zio Pin (Albany Road, Roath)
    Another top Italian restaurant beginning with Z! Zio Pin is slightly less central than Zizzi, but boy, is it worth the walk. Aside from the free breadsticks (it’s always nice to start eating as soon as you sit down), this place is great because, while their portions don’t necessarily look all that enormous, you’ll find yourself feeling very full before you finish. Their delicious pasta dishes are particularly filling, so be sure to pace yourself or you won’t have any room for tiramisu.

  5. Red Hot World Buffet (Hills Street, Central Cardiff)
    If all else fails, there’s always Red Hot. This all-you-can-eat buffet is smack dab in the middle of town (right next to the St. David’s centre), and its broad range of dishes – culled from all over the world – has something to tickle every palate and fill every belly. The sushi table and ice cream bar are particularly notable set-pieces.

Have we forgotten your favourite spot? Is there a meal in Cardiff that’s even more satisfying than the ones we’ve mentioned here? Let us know! You’ll find Cooker Spare Parts on Facebook and Twitter – just click the links to come and say hi!

Assorted oven thermostatsA thermostat, broadly speaking, is anything that measures and maintains temperature. If your home has a thermostat, you tell it how warm you want the house to be – let’s say 25 degrees – and then it keeps an eye on the temperature, ensuring that it remains at 25 degrees until you request otherwise.

This function is vitally important in a cooker. Oven thermostats don’t actually affect the cooking temperature directly (that’s what your element is for), but they make sure that the element gives you the temperature you requested. They’re like the middle managers of the kitchen.

Of course, if your oven thermostat malfunctions, you’ve got a problem. If its measurements are off – perhaps your oven isn’t quite reaching the temperature you want – then it may just need recalibrating; this can be tested by placing a heatproof thermometer in your oven, preheating the oven to a particular temperature, and checking to see if the thermometer matches the temperature you set.

However, if your oven thermostat is completely busted, you need to replace it as quickly as possible. A broken thermostat won’t tell your oven element to stop heating up once it reaches the desired temperature, and so the element will continue to heat up until it burns out. And then you’ve got a much bigger repair job on your hands.


If you need a new thermostat for your cooker, you’ll find one here at Cooker Spare Parts. Click here for electric oven thermostats, or click here if you need a gas thermostat.

We cannot go any longer on our blog without coming to a lot of people’s favourite course – desserts! There is something so pleasingly juvenile about desserts. They provide ample opportunities to evoke that sense of magic and fairy-tale in food that gets lost over the years – think of a ‘kid in a candy shop’.

To celebrate all that is something-a-bit-sweet, we’ve compiled a list of 3 pointers that will change the way you think about and prepare your desserts!

1.      Buy Ready-Made Pastry

Those super keen pastry-makers among you will scowl and scorn when reading this, but take it from us, the ready-made chilled fresh pastry you can now buy is as good as you can make yourself. Jamie Oliver frequently uses ready-made puff pastry for desserts, even Mary Berry admits to buying ready-made filo pastry, so you need no longer feel any shame when taking a sweet-shortcrust shortcut.

2.       Get Creative, Get Childlike

You can make the simplest of desserts magical and memorable by creatively presenting them. For example, you can buy special sparkler candles that turn an ordinary ice cream sundae into a dazzling dairy display; you can also purchase intricate cutters that you can use to turn brownies, biscuits, and cookies into wondrously shaped treats that come to life on the plate; and you can utilise icing sugar, cocoa powder, and even sprinkles to create ornate dustings that accompany your usual dessert – you may even want to get some stencils involved for the wow-factor.

3.       Please With Cheese

Now the anal among you will inform us that a cheese course is an altogether different one from desserts, and while you’re right, who’s to say you cannot have an all-cheese afters? While we mentioned that desserts were some people’s favourite course, it is true that plenty of us don’t have a sweet tooth. If this is the case, then why not serve an exciting and diverse cheese platter? The great thing about a cheese plate is that not only can you try a few different cheeses, but you’ll struggle to find someone who dislikes them all, so everybody will be catered for! And if you’re worried about presentation, a bunch of grapes and a few leafy sprigs will embellish your platter very nicely!