As you may have noticed, here at Cooker Spare Parts we have a wide range of none other than cooker spare parts. Of course, a number of high-quality Gas Cooker Spares are included in our wide selection too. 

The difference between Gas and Electric cookers is that Gas ovens tend to have a more humid baking environment, making it easier to keep the moisture in bread and pies when cooking them. The flame produced by a gas burner hob is also a great way to measure the exact temperature of the hob by judging by the size of the flame.  

Today we will be taking a look at the different Gas Cooker Spares we have available here at Cooker Spare Parts. 

Grills & Oven Burner Gas Cooker Spares

The oven burner is a gas cooker spare which generates the heat within the oven cavity. You can usually tell if your oven burner is broken by the lack of heat being emitted from your oven. 

An oven without heat isn't really an oven at all, which is why we have such a wide range of grill & oven burner gas cooker spares available for most types of gas cookers. You can browse our full range here > 

Flame Failure Device & Oven Thermocouples

The flame failure device and oven thermocouple are vital elements of your cooker. They ensure that you're safe when using it. Replacing your flame failure device with is important because this device notifies you when the cooker flame happens to be extinguished. This is absolutely necessary, as a build up of flammable gas can have fatal consequences. 

Luckily, you can fix this issue with our range of gas cooker spares. We have a wide range of flame failure devices and oven thermocouples suitable for a wide range of gas cookers. You can browse our full range here > 

Gas Thermostats

Gas Thermostats are an element of gas cookers which regulate the temperature of the cooker. It ensures that your meals are correctly cooked by informing your cooker to stop heating up once it has reached the desired temperature. If your cooker is beginning to heat up too much or too little, there could be an issue with your gas thermostat.

In this scenario, it is time to find a thermostat gas cooker spare part. Here at Cooker Spare Parts we also have a wide range of Gas Thermostats suitable for most cookers. You can browse the full range here > 

Ignition Generators & Switch Gas Cooker Spares

Finally, another element of your cooker that may require a gas cooker spare part are the Ignition Generators and Switches. When using a gas oven, the ignition generator or switch creates the spark which lights the gas. 

If you have used a gas oven before, you may be familiar with the click of the ignition generator when the gas does not light immediately. If you're struggling with this, it is most likely time to take a look at the gas cooker spares we have available for you. You can browse our full range here > 

If you have any further questions about gas cooker spares or need help finding a specific cooker spare part, you can contact us here or call us on 02920 452 510. 

hotpoint spare parts
If you have a Hotpoint oven you are one of many in the UK who opted for this popular cooker brand! Although Hotpoint is a high-quality and trusted cooker brand, even the best ovens can have problems at some point! If you're looking for Hotpoint electric oven parts than we can help, with our wide selection it will be easy for you to work out how to get the right replacement. 
So if your Hotpoint oven isn’t looking so… hot… then you may need to replace a faulty part. There’s no need to run out and buy a new oven, we have plenty of replacement Hotpoint oven parts to fix your oven in no time!
hotpoint heating element
This is the part that is responsible for heating your food up – so if it breaks it can be a nightmare. Luckily, we supply plenty of Hotpoint oven elements so that your food will be heating back up in no time!
hotpoint regulator
To make sure your oven’s temperature is regulated, a thermostat or regulator is crucial. If you need to replace your thermostat or regulator then you’ve come to the right place! We stock the right Hotpoint replacements to get your back to the right temperature.
hotpoint fan
If your Hotpoint is getting a little too hot then it may be that your oven fan motor is faulty. There’s no need to get a whole new over, simply just replace this broken part! We have a selection of fan motors to help you cool things down.
We supply both genuine Hotpoint spares and a selection of high-quality, low-cost alternatives that will help you get your Hotpoint back on top - to see our full range of Hotpoint replacement parts click here
For any advice on what Hotpoint electric oven replacement parts you need, give us a call on 02920 452 510 and we can help!

The thought of having to repair your cooker can be rather daunting, and many people are rather content on just ignoring the problem with their cooker, and continue to using it as normal - even when then issue can be easily resolved. 

Here at Cooker Spare Parts, we want to ensure that everyone can enjoy a home cooked meal, risk and problem-free. That is why we supply such a vast range of spare parts, and create these helpful guides - like this one!
If you have found that your oven door isn't closing securely, you may find that your cooker is taking longer to cook your meals. This problem is due to faulty oven door catch, which is really simply to fix. 

How to Replace an Oven Door Catch

  1. Disconnect your appliance. It's important that you ensure you ensure your cooker is turned off from the mains to ensure that there is no risk to your safety whilst you perform your repair work.

  2. Remove the side panel of your cooker. You can do this by removing the two screw at the front of front of your cooker, and the two screws at the back off your cooker.

  3. Remove the screws that are holding the catch in place.

  4. Now screw your new catch into place. Make sure the holes line up for the screws. Important note: The holes for the door catch are not threaded, but the screws provided will cut their own thread, allowing you to screw the latch securely in place.

  5. Test your new, catch by closing your door. On some cooker models, you can adjust the striker pin to allow your door to close securely. You can do this by just screwing the pin out with a pair of pliers.

  6. Once you're happy, screw the side panel back in place.
And there you have it! It's really that simple to replace your oven door catch! To view our range of oven door catches, please click here. If you require any more advice on replacing any other parts of your cooker, we are happy to help! Just give us a ring on 02920 452 510.

Whether you need to replace faulty components such as the inner glass and door seal, or you simply want to give your appliance a more thorough clean, it can be incredibly useful to know how to remove your oven door. Luckily, this is usually a very simple and straightforward process for most ovens, so you won't have to worry about remembering any complicated steps or investing in special equipment.  So to find out how to remove and replace your oven door, keep reading:

How to Remove Your Oven Door:

  1. Make sure that your oven is switched off, disconnecting any power supplies. 
  2. Lower the oven door and inspect the hinge, this will let you know how to lock the hinges in place for removal.
  3. Lock the hinges in place either by: Turing the screw with a half turn (two-part hinge system), folding the catch over (one part hinge system), fitting a pin into the hole (pin type hinge) or by folding the latch back into the glass (latch over type).
  4. Once you have locked the clips, place your hands on either side of the oven door, lifting it to a 45-degree angle.
  5. Grip the sides of the door firmly, then gently lift the door upwards and out of the hinges. 

Replacing Your Oven Door:

Once you've successfully removed your oven door and completed your desired application, it should be fairly simple to replace your oven door by following the same steps in reverse:

  1. First, hold the door at the same angle with your hands at either side, before lowering the hinges into the slots. 
  2. Once the hinges are in place, carefully lower the oven door to horizontal level, so that it's in the same position as when you began removing it.
  3. Replacing the locking mechanism either by clipping it into place and/or replacing the screws.
  4. Examine the oven door before closing it, to ensure that it has been successfully reattached.
Remember, if you need to remove your oven door in order to replace it and/or any of its elements, be sure to check out our selection of oven spares to find quality replacements at a great price!

Here's a few extra things you may find when removing your oven door:

  • Gloves - These will help you to grip the door whilst also protecting your hands.
  • A Phillips-Head Screwdriver - This will come in handy if you need to pry the hinges out of their sockets, or if your hinges are screwed into place.
  • Hinge Lubricant - This will help to ease the hinge movement if it has become jammed or is very stiff.
  • A Pin or Allen Key - Some oven door hinges come with a hole that allows you to lock the hinges into place for removal.

If you need any further advice on how to remove your oven door, our friendly team of experts are happy to talk you through. Just give us a call on 02920 452 510.

Is your gas hob cooker starting to look a little rusty? Or do you find that the gas is starting to burn your pots and pans? If so, it may be time to look into getting a cooker ring cover to prevent your cooker from that damage. 

Cooker ring covers are used to protect all the inner workings of your cooker ring burner, so it is worthwhile getting one to increase the longevity of your cooker. The cooker ring on a gas oven is also known for tarnishing easily, so a nifty new cooker ring cover will have your cooker looking new again in no time at all. 

Here at Cooker Spare Parts, we stock a variety of different Cooker Ring Cover Replacements, suitable for all types of gas ovens and cookers. Here's a look at what we have to offer. 

Cooker Ring Covers

Rangemaster Cooker Ring Cover 72mm

This cooker ring cover is ideal for Rangemaster cookers. With a diameter of 72mm, this cooker ring cover will fit onto a semi-rapid burner easily, protecting the burner body underneath. This cooker ring cover will also allow heat to collect and be distributed evenly around the cap. 

Gas Hob Cooker Ring Cover

This cooker ring cover will not only protect the inner workings of your burner, but it will also help the heat produced by the gas burner to be spread around the pan evenly. This particular cooker ring cover is an authentic Stoves spare part and is also compatible with certain Belling appliances.

We have plenty of cooker ring covers in stock which you can browse here if you find these examples are not suitable for your cooker. To check a cooker ring cover is compatible with your cooker, make sure you enter the cooker model details into our homepage to check it is suitable. If you need advice from the experts, be sure to contact us on 02920 452 510.