Did you realise that if you have a faulty oven door seal, it could be costing you money when it comes to your utility bills? This is because the cooker door seal is designed to help keep hot air in the oven cavity, so if your current door seal is no longer doing this, it may mean you will have to keep your oven on for longer, which in turn will lead to higher utility bills! If you have a damaged door seal, there may be much needed hot air escaping from your oven cavity. So not only will your cooking be disrupted, it will also add to the cost of running your appliance, which we don’t want to happen!

If you haven’t already gathered, oven door seals are rather important parts when it comes to your cooker operating efficiently. It also acts as a buffer when you are opening and closing the cooker door, stopping any exposed glass and metal from making contact with each other. So if your current oven door seal has been attached to your cooker door for many years, it may start to become loose and this will cause it to not fit properly, therefore not forming a secure seal around the edge of your cooker door.

A cooker door seal comes in many forms, it can 3 or 4 sided, and can be attached to your cooker door by hooks that come with the part or small clips that are already attached to the seal itself. Once attached to your cooker door, you will notice a significant difference in the performance of your cooker.