Foam Sealing Strip
Just as the door of your oven needs a door seal, each of your cooker's hobs needs a seal of its own to function properly. If the seal around one of your hobs has started to come loose or wear away, you'll need to replace it to ensure the continued smooth running of your appliance; fortunately, this task is relatively simple with the help of Cooker Spare Parts!

We sell a high-quality foam sealing strip that's compatible with the vast majority of appliances, allowing you to seal up your hobs again in no time at all. The hob sealing strip is supplied in lengths of 2.5 metres, and at time of writing, each one costs just £3.98 (please note that prices are subject to change). That's great value, especially if you were expecting to have to pay for a repairman to sort out your hob!

If foam sealing strip isn't what your appliance needs, don't despair - we sell a variety of other hob seals, including: