We have all been told over the years that there are certain foods that help make your brain perform at its best. However, there seems to be conflicting opinions on certain foods and whether they are actually good for your brain and concentration levels. After some research, here are a few foods we found help your brain perform at its best.


Broccoli is full of Vitamin K which helps improve brainpower as well as enhancing the cognitive function of your brain, so it’s all good news from broccoli when it comes to brain power! It also contains something called Choline which is said to help improve memory, so it covers most areas for a healthy brain.


Remember when taking a teaspoon of cod liver oil was all the rage? Well people didn’t just do that for no reason, it was because cod liver oil is very good for you. The important thing to remember is that it’s not just any fish though, its fish that contains fatty oils that help contribute towards a functioning and healthy brain. You get this from naturally oily fish which is rich in omega-3. The great thing about oily fish is that it is not only is it good for your brain, it works wonders with your general health as well, which can’t be a bad thing. So pop out and get some salmon, mackerel or sardines for your dinner tonight!

Whole grain products

We may be stating the obvious here, but your brain needs energy from food in order to be able to function properly, so if you eat the right things, your brain will perform far better. Whole grains definitely fall into this category as they release glucose a lot slower than white rice, pasta and breads, meaning the energy you get from brown rice and bread will keep you going for longer in the day.

Zanussi are a top quality cooker and oven manufacturers. Established in 1916 in Italy the business began by making stoves and wood burning ovens, in 1951 Zanussi began to manufacture gas and electric ovens, and the combined gas and electric ovens that we are all used to seeing to using today. Over the years, Zanussi have expanded their company and have moved into producing other white goods, as well as cookers and ovens. Since 1962 Zanussi have received over 20 awards for the design of their white appliances. 

With their high quality design, coupled with their affordable prices, it is no wonder why Zanussi cookers are still a popular choice today. If you do suddenly find yourself in need to replace a part in a Zanussi cooker, you will be happy to know that here at Cooker Spare Parts we stock genuine high quality spares for literally thousands of Zanussi models. Ranging from  door glass, thermostats and regulators, hob spares, bulbs and much more. 

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October 16th is World Food Day, a day when people around the globe come together to raise awareness of world hunger and help to fight this problem, which is still growing in many countries. Established in 1979, World Food Day celebrates the creation of the Food and Agriculture Organisation of the United Nations (FAO), and is now celebrated by millions of people in almost every country in the world.

Access to food is a basic human right, and it's important to ensure that the food we consume is good for the planet. Food should ideally be organic, seasonal, and locally produced; one day, it will hopefully also be readily available to everyone in the world, eradicating hunger forever. Greenpeace are urging governments to make ecological food available for all.  

Here at Cooker Spare Parts, we believe that charity starts at home. More than 100,000 children are going hungry in England alone, and the need for food banks in England has increased year on year by 19%!

With this in mind, here are 5 things that you can do with your family and friends to raise awareness:

  1. Host a dinner for family and friends using only locally produced food.
  2. Make a meal and give it away to someone who doesn't have food.
  3. Give food to food banks (donation bins can be found in most supermarkets).
  4. Pledge to make fresh food and veg a larger part of your diet.
  5. Reduce your meat and dairy consumption by a few meals per week. 
If you're feeling motivated, the Greenpeace website has 12 more ideas for you to try.

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Hygena cooker spares

Hygena  is a brand with a lot of history. Founded in 1925 and based in Liverpool, the company became synonymous with stylish, functional fitted kitchens and dominated this corner of the market in the mid-to-late 20th century. After a decline in fortunes and a few years out of action, the Hygena brand was relaunched towards the end of the last decade and now enjoys a revived reputation as one of the UK's best-known cooker brands.

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Full English breakfast

We all love a full English breakfast - nothing gets you going first thing in the morning quite like a thousand calories of fat, grease, and meat (washed down, naturally, with a big cup of ultra-sugary tea). It's a British tradition, though everyone has their own unique idea of what should be included in a 'proper' fry-up: some people swear by hash browns, some people won't touch a cooked breakfast that doesn't include black pudding, and some people (presumably including the heathen who took the photo above) even think that tomatoes have their place on the big greasy plate.

But we're not here today to discuss minor 'toast or fried bread?' variations on the classic British fry-up. We're here to really shake things up - if you're bored of the same old sausages and beans, here are three tantalising twists for you to add to your next cooked breakfast:

1. Avocado Fried Egg
Want to pretend that your fry-up is vaguely healthy? We hear that avocados are very en vogue right now, so why not use those fashionable green fellas to create a nutritious and eye-catching border for your fried egg? We got this idea (and, indeed, the photograph above) from Treehugger.com - details on how to pull it off can be found there.

2. Beans & Bacon (Together at Last!)
Baked beans have never been the belle of the breakfast ball - perhaps due to their 'musical' reputation, many people opt to leave them out altogether so as to make room for more of the stuff they really like. Still, we love a nice helping of baked beans here at Cooker Spare Parts, and we think we've found a way to change the minds of even the most ardent bean-bashers: mixing them with bacon.

Bacon, of course, is the undisputed king of the cooked breakfast, and while standard fry-up protocol leans toward simply serving the rashers as they are, we see no reason why they shouldn't be cut up and mixed in with the beans to make them more appealing. This BBC Good Food recipe recommends using cannellini beans instead of the usual Heinz fare, so if you do choose to give this a go, your cooked breakfast will likely be the poshest in Britain that morning.

3. Grated Cheese
Melted cheese tastes good no matter what it's on top of, so don't be afraid to grab a grater and go to town on your full English breakfast while it's still piping hot. The mushrooms and baked beans should be your primary targets, as well as the egg if you're having it scrambled instead of fried.

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Photo by ChristianSW