Full English breakfast

We all love a full English breakfast - nothing gets you going first thing in the morning quite like a thousand calories of fat, grease, and meat (washed down, naturally, with a big cup of ultra-sugary tea). It's a British tradition, though everyone has their own unique idea of what should be included in a 'proper' fry-up: some people swear by hash browns, some people won't touch a cooked breakfast that doesn't include black pudding, and some people (presumably including the heathen who took the photo above) even think that tomatoes have their place on the big greasy plate.

But we're not here today to discuss minor 'toast or fried bread?' variations on the classic British fry-up. We're here to really shake things up - if you're bored of the same old sausages and beans, here are three tantalising twists for you to add to your next cooked breakfast:

1. Avocado Fried Egg
Want to pretend that your fry-up is vaguely healthy? We hear that avocados are very en vogue right now, so why not use those fashionable green fellas to create a nutritious and eye-catching border for your fried egg? We got this idea (and, indeed, the photograph above) from Treehugger.com - details on how to pull it off can be found there.

2. Beans & Bacon (Together at Last!)
Baked beans have never been the belle of the breakfast ball - perhaps due to their 'musical' reputation, many people opt to leave them out altogether so as to make room for more of the stuff they really like. Still, we love a nice helping of baked beans here at Cooker Spare Parts, and we think we've found a way to change the minds of even the most ardent bean-bashers: mixing them with bacon.

Bacon, of course, is the undisputed king of the cooked breakfast, and while standard fry-up protocol leans toward simply serving the rashers as they are, we see no reason why they shouldn't be cut up and mixed in with the beans to make them more appealing. This BBC Good Food recipe recommends using cannellini beans instead of the usual Heinz fare, so if you do choose to give this a go, your cooked breakfast will likely be the poshest in Britain that morning.

3. Grated Cheese
Melted cheese tastes good no matter what it's on top of, so don't be afraid to grab a grater and go to town on your full English breakfast while it's still piping hot. The mushrooms and baked beans should be your primary targets, as well as the egg if you're having it scrambled instead of fried.

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Photo by ChristianSW
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