You may think that the cooker knobs on your appliance are simple, ineffective parts, but you couldn't be further from the truth. These tiny parts are crucial in giving you full control over the many functions on your cooker.

So why are these parts so important? Well, each of the control knobs on your appliance will be responsible for controlling a different thing. For instance, on a normal cooker, you will have a control knob for each of the burners/hotplates, for each oven cavity, and maybe even one for the cooker ignition. So if they no longer work, you will be unable to use a particular function on your appliance.

There are many ways in which these parts can become damaged. The most common reason being that part of the control knob breaks off meaning it may no longer fit on to your cooker. Some cooker knobs can melt due to exposure to excess heat, but if you find yourself in this position, the chances are that you will need a new oven door seal to help keep more of the warm air in the oven cavity.

Luckily, here at cooker spare parts we stock a wide range of control knobs, fitting many brand names including Belling, New World, Stoves and many more. To see our full range of cooker control knobs, simply visit the control knobs section on our website!