There is no doubt that this Christmas, we will all eat too much food and moan at how full we are, but that is exactly how it should be during this time of year! The biggest meal we will probably eat is the traditional Christmas dinner, but more specifically the roast turkey!

This post provides some useful leftover turkey recipes for you to cook, and they are already making our mouths water!

Turkey Curry

In Britain, we love curry! So why not make a curry from the leftovers of your Christmas roast turkey. This turkey curry is sure to warm you up in the cold nights that follow Christmas. All you need is the turkey and the usual onion, pepper, curry paste, garlic and chopped tomatoes for the curry and some side dishes such as rice, naan bread and mango chutney.

Turkey Sandwiches

This is by far the most simple of leftover turkey recipes, but it doesn’t mean it is any less tasty than its counterparts. Perfect for lunches or a light snack between DVD’s and the many Christmas specials that are on TV over the festive period, you can add pretty much anything to a turkey sandwich, the choice is yours! You can use all the other leftovers as well, including the cranberry sauce and stuffing, delicious!

Turkey Dumpling Stew

Why not try something more adventurous with your leftover turkey in the form of this Turkey dumpling stew. This recipe comes from the food network and includes some hearty ingredients including the dumplings, carrots, parsnips, green beans, and of course, the infamous turkey! Couple this with some herbs and spices and you have yourself a delicious stew that will definitely fight off the cold this Christmas!

Turkey Wellington

If you really want to impress your friends and family with leftover turkey recipes, this one needs to be done.  Taking 2 hours 30 minutes to cook, this is something you can do a few days after Christmas if you are having family round. It may sound complex, but all that is needed is your leftover turkey, a selection of vegetables including carrots, onions, leeks and mushrooms, ready-made puff pastry, bacon, salt, pepper, butter, flour and cranberry jam. Delicious!

We all know that Christmas day can be stressful when it comes to perfecting your roast dinner, so here at Cooker Spare Parts we have come up with a few tips that will help make it that little bit easier for you, so you can spend time relaxing and enjoying the day. Here are our top 3 Christmas dinner tips to help you have full control over your Christmas dinner, and they include the vegetables, your roast potatoes and of course the all-important Roast Turkey!


Tip 1

Prepare and peel all of your vegetables the night before, leaving them to soak in water ready for the next day. Leaving them soaking in water will keep all of the nutrients sealed in to the vegetables and you will be surprised how much time this will save you on Christmas morning!


Tip 2

If you are planning on doing roast potatoes (we think they are a must have in a roast dinner!), you can part boil the potatoes the night before then place them in the fridge overnight before cooking the next day. This helps seal all the natural goodness in to your spuds, and again saves you time waiting for them to boil the next day.


Tip 3

If you like the skin on your turkey to be crispy, remove any cover or wrapping that it has around it on Christmas Eve and leave it in the refrigerator overnight. You can also prepare the stuffing beforehand, and even stuff the turkey ready. This means you will be able to calculate the weight of your turkey before cooking it, so you get it just right.

You may think that the cooker knobs on your appliance are simple, ineffective parts, but you couldn't be further from the truth. These tiny parts are crucial in giving you full control over the many functions on your cooker.

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In the winter, especially Christmas, it is vitally important that you have a fully functioning oven as it is used a lot more and we all rely on our ovens to provide us with delicious some delicious winter warmers! The last thing you want to do is discover a problem with your oven when it comes to cooking your Christmas dinner.

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