We don’t know what it is about Britain, but we often find ourselves with ample leftover chicken. This is generally because we buy a bigger bird than necessary, but if you had say 7 different ways in which to use the leftover meat, you can be forgiven for your extravagant purchase.

Leftover chicken is generally the result of a large roast dinner aftermath, but as we are in prime barbecue season, this could also be the case of left over drumsticks, thighs, breasts, or any other cut of chicken you have left over from your charcoal feast.

Here are 7 simple ways to use leftover chicken to ensure you waste not, want not:

1. Chicken Pot Pie

The great thing about making a chicken pot pie is you can use both the white and brown meats of your leftover chicken, and both will contribute to a hearty comfort-food favourite.

2. Chicken Sandwiches

Okay, so this is an obvious one, but it’s also one of the tastiest and easiest ways to polish off that poultry. Add some mayonnaise, a squeeze of lemon, and season well for the perfect chicken sarnie.

3. Chicken Stew

The great thing about making a stew or soup is you can literally add whatever ingredients you like – this makes it perfect for post-roast dinner cooking as you can also use up those surplus vegetables too.

4. Chicken Fajitas

This classic Tex-Mex dish is perfect for using up chicken as it gives it a spicy coating and new lease of life! Though breast is usually used for fajitas, you may find that some of your brown meat really adds some depth to this classic dish.

5. Chicken & Pesto Pasta

All you need for this is some pasta, a jar of pesto, and your leftover chicken meat. Simply combine all for a hearty Italian-style meal that is big on flavour, but seriously simple to prepare!

6. Chicken Caesar Salad

This classic salad is a perfect use of your leftover chicken, as all it will take is a decent coating of this rich dressing to get it singing again! Also, if you have any leftover bread that is almost stale – croutons!

7. Chicken Curry

We couldn’t leave this bad-boy out, just think of all the turkey curries that come out around Boxing Day, and the principle is the same. The style of curry you choose to make is up to you, just make sure to include all that scrumptious chicken that would otherwise go to waste.

Is your oven grungier than Kurt Cobain's dirty laundry? You could always clean it yourself - after all, oven cleaning products are reasonably inexpensive, and given that professional oven cleaners don't work for free, you'll save a fair bit of cash by leaving the phone on the hook and getting your own hands dirty instead.

Still, we've cleaned our share of cookers, and we're well aware of how tedious and unpleasant it is. A few minutes of seemingly ineffectual scrubbing can make you want to...well, put your head in an oven, and so we won't blame you if you decide to give up, pour a glass of wine, and call in the pros.

If that's the route you want to take, here are three top oven cleaning companies who operate in and around South Wales:


The Clean Oven Co

These guys conduct a "22 point inspection" of your cooker upon arrival, so they certainly can't be accused of carelessness! The Clean Oven Co use eco-friendly cleaning agents and a stainless steel bath to clean your oven; unlike the other two businesses on this list (whom we'll meet momentarily), TCOC are exclusively an oven cleaning enterprise, so you can be sure that they know their stuff!


Mrs Bucket

If you click over to Mrs Bucket's website, the first thing you'll notice is a photo of Mrs Bucket herself with Prime Minister David Cameron. That's right - this business has been so successful that its owner has represented Wales at Downing Street! How's that for credentials? There are Mrs Bucket offices in both Cardiff and Swansea, so the whole of South Wales is pretty much covered there. We love the sly Keeping Up Appearances reference in the company logo (note the acute accent).


MSL Maintenance

Oven cleaning is just one of the many, many services that MSL provide - these Cardiffian cleaners are dedicated to transforming whole buildings, so your dirty oven should be a walk in Bute Park for them. They've been going since 2005; goodness knows how many ovens they've cleaned in the nine years since then.

Tricity Bendix spare parts

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Take Tricity Bendix, for example – we’d wager that some of the people reading this will never even have heard that name before, but Tricity Bendix cookers are still quite widely used throughout the UK. We get a lot of requests for Tricity Bendix spares, and as usual, we come through with a huge collection of top-quality parts!

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