The smell of barbecues, the warm sunshine and your family and friends! All of these signal the start of the fantastic British summer and what a brilliant time of year it is!

We’re hoping for some good weather this May bank holiday so we’re able to get outside and fire up the old barbecue! We had to do a post on barbecues for this bank holiday and after extensive research, these are our 3 favourite barbecue dishes. So if you are hoping to dust off your barbecue and use it this weekend, take a look at these three scrummy dishes!

Chargrilled Halloumi and Vegetable Skewers

Just looking at the picture of these delicious skewers makes us hungry! A perfect alternative to the traditional meat skewers that are served at barbecues, these chargrilled halloumi and vegetable skewers are a delicious vegetarian dish that every will take a shine to!

You can serve the chargrilled halloumi with any vegetables that you want to, but to make it feel and taste like summer, we recommend serving with pepper, courgette and possibly some perfectly ripe tomatoes.

The combination of flavours that these skewers provide is brilliant, with the halloumi and vegetables being mixed with lemon juice and mint to provide a really refreshing taste. To see the full recipe, click here!

Ginger and Honey Chicken Wings

How good do these ginger and honey chicken wings look? The brilliant Jamie Oliver has done it again serving up a mouth-watering recipe that will leave everyone at your barbecue wanting just one more bite of these chicken wings.

The recipe from the main man himself recommends that you let the chicken wings marinate in the ginger and honey marinade over night before barbecuing them. Once they are suitably barbecued, the marinade will become deliciously sticky and the outside of the chicken wings will go crispy. A guaranteed favourite at a BBQ! If you fancy giving these wings a go this weekend, click here for the full recipe.

Barbecued Sirloin with Chimichurri Sauce

It wouldn't be a barbecue without steak, and this recipe has an Argentinian twist to it thanks to the Chimichurri sauce that BBC Food recommends that you serve with it.

You can cook the steak to your own personal liking and then add the Chimichurri sauce for a delicious burst of flavour, as well as a bit of spice! You could even slice it up and add it to a salad using the chimichurri sauce as a dressing. For the steak, we recommend some sirloin or possible thinner cuts of good quality minute steak. If you would like to see this recipe in full, simply visit the website here!

We hope these three fantastic dishes have given you some inspiration for what to cook on your BBQ this weekend, now all we need is for the weather to stay dry!

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