What did you have for breakfast this morning? Was it a slice of toast? Coffee? Or nothing? Most morning’s people wake up in such a rush to get to work that they don’t have time to have a substantial breakfast.

Research suggests that people who eat breakfast are more likely to be the correct weight for their height, because it stops you from reaching out for a bag of crisps or a chocolate bar mid morning. People who skip breakfast tend to replace the calories that they have missed through out the day through snacking or binge eating at lunch or dinner times. Research also suggests that, if you are skipping your breakfast – you are fasting for around 15 hours, meaning that you are not producing the enzymes needed to metabolise your fat which could actually be making you gain weight – not loose or maintain your weight.

We know that time is a luxury that many of us don’t have, but these 4 breakfast treats will motivate you to set your alarm earlier and get stuck into a wholesome breakfast.

Could there be a more perfect start to the day than a toasty egg? Simply tear out a circle in the centre of your sour dough bread – about the size of a fried egg, gently fry the bread, crack the egg and fry for a further 2 minutes. Transfer it onto a backing tray sprinkle with cheese and grill till golden brown.

Perfect start to the week! To view the full recipe, click here

Tempted to pick up a McMuffin on the way to work? Don’t! Make this delicious breakfast bap/cob instead!

You can make this mouth-watering breakfast sandwich with 1 beef tomato, 1 large flat mushrooms, bacon and low fat cream cheese. We know what we're having tomorrow morning!

Click here to view the full recipe.

The many health benefits of having an avocado a day have been regularly posted on social media after the holidays. Avocados are rich in vitamin C, E and beta carotene as well as omega 3. To make this simply mash avocado onto your toast, sprinkle over seasoning, turmeric or chilli and serve. This simple dish will keep you full up until lunch time!

To view this recipe click here.

No doubt you have also heard about the super food chia seeds. These are among the healthiest foods on the planet, they delivery huge amounts of nutrients with very few calories, they are loaded with antioxidants, loaded with fibre as well as being a high quality protein. Like avocados, chia seeds are high in omega 3, and can help with weight loss. So including chai seeds into your breakfast routine, really is a no brainer. This recipe from skinnytaste.com makes a delicious start to the day!

View the recipe here.

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For many people, the oven timer is as indispensable to cooking as knives and chopping boards. Even though many people have got a portable timer, the oven timer is still just as important as it has always been, especially if you are cooking something for a long period of time, or you have multiple dishes on the go and need to time them all!

So what happens if your oven  timer goes and you are reduced to just using your portable timer, or even your phone?

Well, if you are anything like us – total chaos!

Cooking food gets forgotten about, you may forget to get to put vegetables on, you may get sucked into your favourite soap opera and lose track of time! All these disasters could have easily been prevented if the timer was fully functioning.

Even though your oven timers and clocks are not a crucial part of your cooker, a broken timer will not prevent you from using your cooker. It will also not prevent you from serving over cooked food!

If you are getting sick of having to put up with a broken timer, we strongly suggest that you check out our extensive range of oven timers and clocks. Packed full of genuine oven timers parts from top cooker manufactures. 

Here at Cooker Spare parts with stock hundreds of oven timers and we are confident that you will find the part the looking for, but, just in case you run into difficulty, a member of our customer service team will be more than happy to assist you. Call us on 02920 452 510 or email us enquiries@cookerspareparts.com.

Every January roughly 30% of Brits resolve to eat healthier and attend the gym, a smaller percentage of these people actually make good on their resolutions with around half of the people lasting roughly a week, and the other half making it to the 6 month mark. 

Its hard to keep up your enthusiasm after new year, especially when you return back to work, and you slip back into your daily routine, opting for the ready meal over cooking a nutritious meal after work. After all you have just travelled an hour, battling through rush hour traffic to get home and the TV show you have become addicted to is starting in 5 minutes!   However it is not impossible to stick to your resolutions, we have found 5 recipes that are health, nutritious and can be cooked in 10 minutes or less! 

It is a common misconception that when you begin eating healthy you have to give up all the good things in life, like pizza. Six sisters stuff have created an amazing BBQ Chicken Pizza while cutting down on the carbs by using Pita bread as the base. Simply top the pita bread with BBQ sauce, add onions, precooked chicken and mozzarella and microwave. 

You can’t write a healthy food blog post without mentioning, the food so nice they names it twice. Cous cous has many health benefits, such as helping to increase heart health, prevent bacterial infections, and aids your body’s natural metabolism, and much more! 
Recipe Tin Eats posted this fantastically yummy Mexican cous cous recipe made from avocardo, tomato, jalapeno, corn and red kidney beans. a simply perfect meal created in minutes.

For the full recipe, click here.

The people at Dashing Dish came up with these protein packed quesadillas. Using only black beans, corn, cheese, cilantro, and salsa for the filling this quick and extremely tasty recipe only contains 330 calories! A perfect meal for someone who’s new year resolution is to loose weight. 

Here at Cooker spare parts, we love one pot recipes. And over at Yankee Kitchen Ninja they have created a one pot pasta dish that is quite simply amazing. 
We all know that tomato and basil is a match made in heaven, and this recipe is quite simply heavenly. 
Simply add spaghetti, onion, garlic, tomatoes, basil, and seasoning all in one pot, and bring to the boil. A wholesome meal made in just 10 minutes! 

Finally, a recipe for all you steak lovers out there. Just because you are eating clean it does not mean that you have sacrifice your favourite treat.
This recipe proves that you don’t need to have a lot of ingredients to create a substantial meal – plus all the ingredients can be sourced from your local supermarket.
Simply rub lemon, oregano and seasoning over your steak, add your steak to a preheated skillet and cook to your personal preference. Boil the rice. Combine tomatoes, olives, shallots, garlic, lemon juice and serve. 

We hope that these recipes have give you the motivation to continue on with your healthy eating New Years Resolution. 
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